While beach season is still around the corner (I hope it runs around the corner), it’s never too early to plan out what snacks you’re bringing to the beach. I always pack the best snacks based on messiness, eating ease, and how fresh the items stay in the cooler. And if for some reason you’re not a fan of your food, you can always throw it to the seagulls. These are the best beach snacks that even the sand, sun, and salt water can't ruin.


Photo by Walmart

I need to have chips from the vendors at the beach. That’s one thing (besides lunch) I will buy while I’m out. The chips that I pack always range from spicy Munchies and tortilla chips, to Chex Mix or plain potato chips. I get a variety because I can’t just stick to one flavor the whole time we’re at the beach — that would be a tragedy. 

Veggies + Ranch Seasoning Packet

Photo by Walmart

I try to be a little healthy and bring celery sticks, maybe carrot sticks (not a huge fan unless there’s ranch), and these little cucumbers I found at the produce store by my house make the best snacks. Since it’s warm and I don’t like carrying a huge bottle of ranch around, I look for the ranch seasoning packets and try to bring that with me. 


Image by Canva

For this beach season, I’m bringing apple slices in lemon juice and ataulfo mangoes, because they’re tiny and look so satisfying and juicy. 

Caffeinated Beverages

Photo by Walmart

Even though I’m not in charge of the cooler, I still bring drinks for the cooler. In the mornings, my best friend and I get teas from a local coffee place in the area or stop at Target to get pre-packaged tea bottles and mix them with Red Bull for a little flavor kick. Normally, I go for the coconut Red Bull with mango flavored tea and extra ice. 


Photo by Hydroflask

Obviously, I bring my emotional support Hydro Flask full of ice water, but we still pack water bottles because you can never have enough water. Certain water brands taste different than others, and I will not be taking questions on the topic. With flavored water becoming big this summer, we might have to test out different tropical flavors instead of mixing Red Bull and teas. 

String Cheese

Photo by Festival Foods

I like bringing string cheese, too, because it’s easy to eat and not a lot of cleaning up afterwards. When I’m at the beach, I always worry about how much garbage I come home with if I can’t find garbage cans, so I try to use reusable tupperware as well when packing snacks.