Only the true Kombucha lovers will understand what it's like to receive weird stares, comments of disgust, or ample questions about this fermented yeast drink on a day-to-day basis. Some may take offense to what people say, but I, on the other hand, respond the only way I know how—I drink Kombucha because it's not only healthy but tastes delicious as well!

What Is Kombucha?

Kombucha is a fermented tea that naturally contains probiotics and healthy organic acids. It is low in caffeine, sugar, and is only 35 to 40 calories per serving. Kombucha is known to have various health benefits, including detoxification, improved digestion, immune system stimulation, arthritis and cancer prevention, cholesterol reduction, energy enhancement, and weight loss, among many others.

A popular brand in the business, Health-Ade, uses four simple ingredients to make their Kombucha: organic black and green tea, purified water, organic evaporated cane juice, and SCOBY (the kombucha’s culture). 

Avery Paulen

For the flavors, Health-Ade adds only the highest quality flavorings they can find. For their cold-pressed line, they add only raw cold-pressed juice from organic produce. All of the juices are juiced in-house, by the way. For their Super-Tea line, they flavor with “super-foods” found all over the world—so, not surprisingly these can't always be cold-pressed. Instead, for this line, they find the highest quality extracts and powders, like Maca Root from the rainforests of Costa Rica.

Few Kombucha brands use cold-pressed juice or high-quality ingredients for flavoring, and many use fillers like vinegar or water to bring the "taste" of fermentation up and the price down. 

The Process

In regard to the process, I don't know of any other Kombucha brand that goes as far as Health-Ade to deliver the best-of-the-best brew. Here's how they do it:

They first brew their Kombucha in super-small batches to control quality (2.5 gallon brewing vessels). It is fermented 100% in glass containers to prevent plastic or metal leaching. They're the only commercial brew that does this. The Kombucha undergoes both primary and secondary fermentation. It is never force-carbonated in order to protect the probiotics. Health-Ade protects the product from harmful UV light by packaging in amber bottles.

They don’t outsource their brew—it’s 100% owned and operated by Health-Ade, and only Health-Ade Kombucha is made there. Each batch is carefully tested for sugar and pH levels. If it's not perfect, they keep it fermenting and do not use any fermentation “agents” to hasten the process. Heath-Ade never uses any chemicals, dyes, or other fake processes or fillers. And here's the best part: It is 100% certified organic, non-GMO, kosher (except for California Grape), vegan, and gluten-free. What could be better?

I was able to get in touch with one of the members from Health-Ade's Bubbly Team, Katherine Garcia, that willingly and happily shared this process, along with some additional information guides and coupons for free bottles, with me. It truly shows how Health-Ade prides themselves on their product and values their customers. She states, "We believe in bringing REAL food to the commercial shelf and that’s why we at Health-Ade go the distance."

Flavor Ranking

Avery Paulen

While many articles on Spoon simply talk about Kombucha and what it is as a whole, no article has given readers a definitive answer on which flavors they should be drinking and will actually enjoy. 

So without further ado, here is a ranking of 6 of the best (and worst) Health-Ade Kombucha flavors, ranked, based on my personal preferences. 

6. Power Greens

I went into the taste test knowing this flavor would be my least favorite, being that I was never a green smoothie type of gal. But I never expected it to taste this bad. Some people might find this enjoyable, but not for me.

I spit it out immediately after the first sip. The aftertaste left me feeling sick to my stomach. I think its clear that wheatgrass, this flavor's main ingredient, and kombucha do NOT make the best mix. 

5. Pink Lady Apple

While I love Health Ade's products so much, this flavor was also painful to drink. The tanginess of the apple left an awful aftertaste lingering in my mouth for several hours after I finished drinking. I have not purchased this product since my initial taste test. 

4. Sweet Thorn

Avery Paulen

This flavor was actually very good, but its safe to say that several flavors I've had topped this one. However, I enjoyed the sweet, yet subtle mixture of rose, hawthorn berry, and mangosteen. This is one of the flavors I regularly pick up at my local grocery store. Kombucha can be found at any store, including Whole Foods

3. California Grape

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I was actually very surprised that I liked this flavor, being that I'm not a grape person. I hate all things grape — grape medicine, jelly, raisins, you name it. But I do love fresh grapes, and I was glad to see that the taste of fresh grape was very prominent in the mixture. I will definitely be buying this flavor again. 

2. Maca Berry

Avery Paulen

This flavor will always hold a special place in my heart, being that it's the first Health-Ade Kombucha flavor I've tried. I drink it regularly, each sip being better than the last. Surprisingly, however, I can truthfully say that one flavor tops it. 

1. Blood Orange-Carrot-Ginger

Avery Paulen

This flavor really is the best of the best. It's just the right amount of sweet and tangy. Drinking it also makes me feel amazing, knowing that the ingredients I'm putting in my body are detoxifying and all natural. 

I highly recommend stocking up on this flavor, because if everyone feels the same way I do, then the shelves can be cleared in the blink of an eye. 

If you have not tried Kombucha yet, treat yourself with some of these amazing flavors from the brand Health-Ade to become the champion of the happiest (and healthiest) you.