Everyone knows that food effects their body, health, and mind. But many people do not realize the foods they eat will also impact their sex life and sex drives. Some foods can elicit arousal while others may be lowering your hormone levels related to pleasure. So here are seven foods that will affect your sex life.

1. Dairy Products — Bad

milk, yogurt, cream, dairy, sweet, dairy product, milkshake
Aakanksha Joshi

Dairy is a surefire sex drive killer. These products can have added hormones which will throw off your body's natural production of hormones. But you can still keep the calcium in your diet, it is said to have a libido-boosting effect. 

2. Soy – Bad

dairy product, bread, sweet, cake, pastry
Ashleigh Monaco

Soy is great for the body, but in large doses, can kill your libido. It can even lower testosterone levels and sperm count. Soy is good for the body, but keep it to a minimum if you plan on having date night later. 

3. Chocolate — Good

chocolate, candy, sweet
Lauryn Lahr

Chocolate is a great sex drive booster. It tends to increase the "pleasure" hormones, serotonin and dopamine. So when people say chocolate makes you feel like you're in love, it's true. 

4. Avocado — Good

milk, cream, coffee, sweet, dairy product
Caty Schnack

Avocado, you may be asking? Well the name means testicle, so we definitely had to include it. This trendy super food is a great libido booster. So bring on the guac before getting it on. 

5. Microwave Popcorn — Bad

popcorn, corn, milk, salt, sweet, kettle corn, butter
Kirby Barth

Microwave popcorn tends to be a must for movie nights at home, but turns out it can be hurting your sex life. This delicious snack can actually be lowering your sperm count. So next time, don't go for the bag, but make it on the stovetop so your movie night will be saved. 

6. Watermelon — Good

watermelon, fish, sweet, vegetable, seafood
Kathleen Lee

This tasty fruit is a great food for your libido. Ingredients in watermelon may even work the same way viagra does in the body. So this is a great snack for you and your partner if you need a little libido boost

7. Diet Soda — Bad

Aurelie Corinthios

If you love diet soda, you need to curb it if you want to be enjoying your sex life. It has artificial sweeteners in it, like aspartame, which lower serotonin, meaning less pleasure for you in the future.