As a college student, it's pretty much a necessity to know the ins and outs of your town or city food-wise, but especially the late night hot spots. After a whole semester of late night living, I've become a pro at scoping out local restaurant choices. If you are in need of a study break, post-party snack, or all-nighter meal, here are the best 24-hour restaurants in Winston-Salem. 

Wake Forest University's Subway and P.O.D. Market

Whether it's finals week or after a late night out on the town, this is a must for all Wake Forest students. Located right on campus, Subway, along with a P.O.D. grocery and convenience market, are there at all hours of the night. You can grab and go with all your necessities and food cravings like a fresh sandwich and chips, frozen dinners, or even sushi. 


If you're in the mood for breakfast food during breakfast, lunch, or dinner, hit up the local IHOP for pancakes all day and all night long. While some college kids might not think this is so remarkable, IHOP has a really cheap breakfast menu that's perfect for people who want to eat off campus on a budget. Also, it's definitely possible to eat relatively healthy at IHOP, as long as you order smart and keep in mind portion control. 

Steak 'n Shake

Here's a restaurant to satisfy those unhealthy college food desires at all hours of the night. Similar to the very popular Cookout, Steak 'n Shake has no time restrictions and great fast food options. Not only can you order online, but you can grab a variety of foods like chili, steak sandwiches, and even salads at great prices. I have also heard wonders about the endless Steak 'n Shake milkshake options for only $3.00.

Jimmy the Greek Kitchen

Nora Shvartsberg

Jimmy the Greek Kitchen has two North Carolina locations, one of which is in Winston. Students get 10% off of meals, and it's located on University Parkway right by Wake Forest University. Their menu ranges from the non-traditional pasta and cheeseburgers to classics like Greek salad and gyros. This fast food-like menu offers a restaurant atmosphere 24-hours a day for all hungry college students. 


Denny's is another awesome joint to grab breakfast food 24-hours each day. As a diner, there is more variety than IHOP, which is very pancake and waffle heavy. The prices still rock for that college budget and it has the timeless diner vibe that is great for sitting all day and night long while eating, drinking coffee, and even studying if need be. 

Harris Teeter

While Harris Teeter is your typical grocery store, you can definitely grab awesome snacks or even meals available at all hours. Their prepared food section has tons of options like "meals to go," sushi, soup, and more. It's perfect to stock up on snacks for your dorm room, too.

If you are in a pinch at 3 am one night, don't go to bed hungry. Pick one of these 24-hour locations in Winston-Salem to grab a bite with some friends. Their crazy late hours are perfect for college students. You can always eat healthier than you think as long as you set your mind to it, even at these late night spots.