From shark costumes to bouncy houses to Raquel, this season of The Bachelor might be the most entertaining one yet. If you're a huge Bachelor fan, you probably already have a Monday night ritual made around The Bachelor. Mine consists of a home-cooked dinner and because there's always a glass of champagne in the contestant's hands, I can't help but drink a bottle of sparkling wine too. So what's a better way to celebrate the season Finale? With this drinking game. Grab a glass of wine or a cocktail and good luck.


Take a sip:

-Every time there is a shot of Raven or Vanessa staring into the distance.

-Every time you hear the word "husband," "wife," or "marriage."

-Every time Chris asks Nick how he's feeling.

-Every time Raven says "y'all."

-Every time one of the girls effortlessly jumps into Nick's arms.

-Whenever an empty wine glass is shown on camera.

Take two sips:

-Every time Nick mentions Andi or Kaitlyn.

-Whenever Nick says "I appreciate you saying that."

-Every time Nick smiles and glances awkwardly at the camera. 

-Every time someone says "I didn't see this coming."

-Every time Chris uses the word "drama" or "dramatic."

-If Raven or Vanessa cries.

Take a gulp:

-Every time Nick talks about "potential" in a relationship.

-Every time Nick and Vanessa fail to compromise on where they will live (if Vanessa wins). 

-Every time someone says "I can't do this."

-If Nick cries.

-If Nick says something about the "right reasons."

-Every time you see a helicopter.

Finish your drink:

-If Nick doesn't choose the woman you thought he would.

-If Nick doesn't choose either women.

-If Nick gets rejected for a fourth time. 

-If Nick gets married.

Truly, I hope the fourth time really is the charm for Nick Viall and his days on The Bachelor are officially over after he gets down on one knee. I love ya Nick, but after four times on the show, it's time for America to move on too. I also hope this drinking game makes the season finale of The Bachelor that much more enjoyable for you. Gather your friends, your S.O. and even your pets, because it's all down to the final rose.