Everyone dreads Mondays—unless it is during Bachelor or Bachelorette season. Then, it becomes everyone’s favorite, most looked forward to day. Currently, the Bachelor is in the season with Colton Underwood as the bachelor. While every week I am always thrown off by who does not get the rose and sit on the edge of my seat to see what the “crazy” contestant of the season will do, there are always some predictable moments. In order to recognize those predictable moments, it is fun to play different games with your “Bachelor Squad.” Some play drinking games, but, personally, I enjoy eating games. Here is "The Bachelor 2019 Eating Game" for you to play with your friends during the next episode!

Kristen Smith

Take a bite when:

A contestant or Colton cries: ice cream, because that is everyone’s go-to sad food. If you are feeling bold, have everyone take a bite out of the container; no need for individual bowls, everyone here is friends!

Chris Harrison asks a contestant or Colton how they are feeling: chicken wing because Chris Harrison sometimes pretends to be a dad and let’s face it, that is a total dad move.

Visits a hometown: homemade cookie because nothing says home like your warm homemade cookie from your mom.

Alyssa Love

Eat a piece when:

A contestant talks about Colton’s virginity: sour patch kid because it is “cringey" and all the contestants need to not continually bring it up.

Colton brings up his own virginity: cherry.

Colton kisses someone: a Hershey kiss! That way, everyone gets a kiss!

Colton tells a girl he cares about them or is falling in love: a cheeto or cheese-it…your choice! Either way, it is totally a cheesy thing to say!

A contestant mentions Colton’s dog: a piece of salami because dogs love meat, and salami is classy.

Colton invites someone to the fantasy suite: a chocolate covered strawberry because they scream love and luxury. Go big or go home!

champagne, wine, toast
Lucy Carlisle

Take a sip when:

Contestants go on a trip or destination date: champagne or wine — your choice — because it is classy and puts you in a vacation mode.

wine, feast, beer, supper, champagne, pizza
Valya Borisova

Go all out when:

Colton loses his virginity: RAID. YOUR. CABINET.

Next Monday get together with your squad and play the Bachelor eating game. Make sure you don’t overeat and be safe when playing! Enjoy and may the rose be ever in your favor!