This Sunday, Jimmy Kimmel is hosting the 90th Academy Awards, and you should host your own Oscars viewing party too. Hopefully you've seen some of the nominated movies (my favorites are Ladybird and Call Me By Your Name) and have your best catty red carpet critiques ready. Set your ballots aside and look below for inspiration and a lot of gifs from some of the Best Picture nominees.

1.) Cereal Treats: Three Billboards Outside Ebbings, Missouri

Just like Lucas Hedges' seemingly endless savvy role choices, the possibilities are endless when it comes to making cereal bars. There's iconic rice krispies, colorful froot loops, or playful Lucky Charms, just to name a few. Just be careful, because bars will hurt more when flicked at your head by your vigilante mother.

2.) The Post: What's Black, White, and Red All Over? Oreo Truffles

This was a hard one, because I don't have the fondant machine of my dreams to make a newspaper-covered cake. I do, however, have a simple three-ingredient recipe for you that uses the old joke black, white, and red (you can roll your eyes) all over. Crush a 16oz package of Oreos and mix with an 8oz block of softened cream cheese, roll into balls, and dip in melted white chocolate. Top with crushed Oreo dust and a drizzle of melted white chocolates tinted red or some red sprinkles. Voila: a color-appropriate dessert that's almost as much as a classic as Meryl and Tom

3.) Ladybird: Sugar Cookie Communion Wafers

As an all-girls high school alumnae, I resonated with this movie in a way other high school dramas can't. While I can't say I ever snacked on the Eucharist during my free periods, I can tell you that Eucharist-styled sugar cookies are cute and, if you're lazy and take the store-bought dough shortcut, very simple. Roll out, cut out circles (I plan on staying true to theme and will make them wafer-sized) and indent with a cross shape before sliding into the oven. If only finding Timotheé was that easy.

4.) The Shape of Water: Hardboiled Eggs

While I loved the cinematography and overall atmosphere of this movie, I did not like the story at all. I also don't really like hardboiled eggs, but maybe you do! The amphibian creature certainly did. You can spice them up by deviling them or making a Cobb salad. Or keep them plain for your one paleo/keto friend so they have at least one snack at the party. You can also delve into key lime pie if you're feeling ambitious and/or hate eggs.

5.) Call Me By Your Name: Peach Cocktail

First of all, if you haven't see Call Me by Your Name yet, stop what you're doing and go watch. Obviously, we need to include something peach-themed after that scene, and what better way to include peaches than in a Bellini? Basically, combine one part peach juice with two parts chilled sparkling wine (if 21+) or chilled seltzer and voila, you have your signature drink. All you need now is to pretend you're eating a leisurely lunch in the Italian countryside with Oliver and Elio. Serve in a champagne flute, of course. This is the Oscars.

6.) Dunkirk: Soggy Sandwiches

I admit I mostly went to see this for Harry Styles, and he wasn't even my favorite member of One Direction. I also don't like war movies, so take my opinion with a grain of salt. The only food I remember people eating in this snoozefest movie is sandwiches. Look across the pond for some inspiration: dust off your teapot, grab some fruit preserves (aka jam), and start trimming the crusts off your bread. 

7.) I, Tonya: Icy Desserts

I'm cheating here because this is the only non-Best Picture nominee on the list, but you should still see it anyway for Margot Robbie and Alison Janney's amazing nominated performances. Go with a simple favorite: shaved ice or ice cream. Plus, these foods are eaten with spoons so there is no danger of a knife being thrown into your arm!

Closing Speech

So hopefully you have been struck with inspiration and are planning your menu of perfectly-themed snacks for your own Academy Awards viewing. However, if you feel as exhausted as an actor coming off a 14-hour day on set, feel free to take Ellen's cue and order a pizza.