We are a country that is used to drinking low alcohol content, high calorie beer. We can crush a six-pack of Bud Light and still have the strength to keep going (although not recommended). Not all beer hovers around 4% - 6%. Brewmasters like to get innovative with beer and develop stuff in the double-digits, creating some of the most alcoholic beers in the world.

There are a lot of misconceptions with alcohol content and beer. We talked to a beer expert who told us that there's no one style of beer that can say it is definitively the strongest. So IPAs do not necessarily have the highest alcohol content. And higher alcohol content, doesn't always mean better quality. Just look at the nine strongest liquors in the world. Everclear is basically gasoline. While the most alcoholic wines in the world drink like fine whiskey.

We put together a list of the strongest beers in the world. You won't find these at your local gas station, but they are available year-round, according to beertutor.com.

1. Koelschip Mistery Of Beer – 70%

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Photo by Amanda Gajdosik

At 70% alcohol content, this might as well be a Scotch. This beer isn't available anymore, but we wanted to include it to show you that a "beer" was made with 70% alcohol. Woof.

2. Brewmeister Armageddon — 65%

The description of this beer says to "consume like fine whiskey." So does that mean it's not carbonated? Anyways, don't chug this. Sip it lightly and enjoy what you can for $96. It's supposed to have a lot of flavor, but its smell is potent. 

3. Ruhstaller Capt. — 55.5%

This beer is an IPA that has a citrus aroma with a chocolate flavor. Ok, interesting. Apparently, it's "surprisingly smooth". At 55.5%, I would be very surprised if it's smooth. 

4. Struise Black Damnation VI — 39%

Black Damnation, huh? At 39%, the brewer suggests that "this beer drinks like real beer." So we won't be sipping it like fine whiskey? Apparently not. It's more carbonated than the other high alcohol content beers. But still, don't chug. 

5. Barley John's Barrel Aged Rosies Ale — 21%

The brewer says this beer is "aged for one year in Knob Creek barrels." Hmm, doesn't sound too bad. In fact, it kind of sounds like wine. Now we're talking.

6. Grand Lake Holy Grail —20%

This beer is aged for six months in "charred oak rum casks". WTF is that you ask? Just a huge barrel that's supposed to make 20% beer have some flavor. That makes it sound bearable to drink. 

7. Sonoran 200 — 19.37%

According to the brewer, this beer is supposed to be on the sweeter side. I can get behind that. It's suggested as a floater to your margarita. Yum.

8. Dog Fish Head 120 minute IPA — 18%

It's nicknamed the Holy Grail for Hopheads. This beer is boiled for 2 hours (120 minutes) while being hopped. Which basically means a ton of flavor and aromas are being added to it while it brews.

9. Samuel Adams Triple Bock — 18%

This is actually a seasonal beer, but keep your eye out for it because "this is a beer unlike any other beer." Or so, Boston Beer Company says. There are 340 calories per bottle (yikes), and it gets a flavor update every six months.