Wine is great because it's wine. Okay, that was lame. Whine about it. Most wines hover around 10-13% alcohol content. High alcohol content wines are actually good, unlike liquors that are basically gasoline or beers that are basically vodka. We put together a list of the most alcoholic wines in the world to drink. Stay classy, people.

Most Shiraz — 14-15%

Of course, the Australians make a great, high alcohol content wine. Fun fact: Shiraz is Australia's word for American Syrah. They just wanted their own branding for it. Shiraz is best paired with lean meat and spicy ethnic food. Bring on the steak.

Red Zinfandels — 14-15.5%

One word is commonly used to describe red Zinfandels: bold. What does that mean? Well, I'm no Somm (in another life), but basically it means that it has an oily texture because of its high acidity and high alcohol content. It pairs well with Indian food. Bold.

Muscat — 15%

Muscat is a late harvest, sweet wine. Meaning that it's made from grapes that are overripe. Basically, the grapes that are left hanging on the vine (which are usually the sweetest). It's a wine that has a perfume aroma, with hints of orange blossoms, apricots, and roses. Fancy.

Sherry — 15-20%

Sherry is a dry wine that is supposed to be sipped like fine whiskey. True Sherry can only be made in southern Spain (something about the wind and humidity of the region). Best if sipped in Spain itself. I can get behind that. 

Port — 20%

Port is a sweet, rich dessert wine. Best for someone with a sweet tooth. It pairs well with cheese, chocolate, or caramel desserts. Yum. Port is the kind of wine that's traditionally made by grape stomping. 

Marsala — 20%

Marsala is a sweet, dry wine from Sicily used for cooking or sipping. Marsala is used to create rich, caramelized sauces — like chicken marsala (queue the ooohhhh yeahs). This wine is extremely versatile and comes in three different colors — gold, amber, and red. The true flavors of Marsala include apricot, vanilla, tamarind, and brown sugar. 

Madiera — 20%

Known as island wine, Madiera is named after the island of Madiera off the coast of Portugal. It's a sweet, fortified dessert wine that's meant to be sipped. Pinky's up. Madiera incorporates many flavors such as peach, caramel, hazelnut, and orange.