In my group of friends, March might as well be called birthday-frenzy month. With each day comes a new birthday celebration, and hopefully a new dessert, too. Desserts keep us happy, so why not indulge for every birthday? If you're ready to celebrate with your squad, here's a list of the desserts that you can't miss in Austin. 

1. Sway

Banana split, jasmine tea panna cotta, and tapioca pudding are just a few of the goods Sway has to offer. Make sure you celebrate with lots of friends or family so you can order more than one dessert, because you'll definitely be tempted.

2. Gourdough's

Xin-Dee Low

A classic Austin establishment, Gourdough's is home to the best gourmet doughnuts you'll ever find. These donuts come in both sweet and savory flavors, so there's guaranteed to be something for everyone. 

3. Bribery Bakery 

From cookies to cakes to macarons and more, there's many options to choose from when you treat your BFF to Bribery Bakery on their birthday. Known for their iconic "Eat Dessert More" sign and bright pink interior, this place is perfect for treats and bubbles. 

4. Chez Zee

If you're a cake kind of person, Chez Zee is a must for your birthday spectacular. With a large array of sheet cakes, regular cakes, and pies, you have 34 different desserts to satisfy your heart's desire.

5. Launderette

Launderette is known for their birthday cake ice cream sandwich, which I promise won't disappoint. Not only do they have some of the most interesting assortments of desserts, they also boast a separate dessert menu for lunch and dinner.

#SpoonTip: For more restaurants with frozen desserts, check this out. Or if you're not so into ice cream, wander your eyes here.

6. Swift's Attic

You won't find a sweets list more brunch-worthy than the one at Swift's Attic. With fun homemade poptarts and more, this is the perfect photo-op destination for your obligatory birthday Instagram photo.

#SpoonTip: Check this out if you're into making your own dessert inspired breakfast.

7. Micklethwait Craft Meats

Originally opening on a cold day in 2012, this staple food truck has been featured at Austin City Limits Music Festival, on The Jimmy Kimmel Show, in the New York Times and more. My personal dessert favorite is the moon pie, but you can take your pick from other options that include fudge rounds, oatmeal cream pie, and pecan and buttermilk pie. 

8. Tiny Pies

Miniature bites of flaky, crusty goodness. If you order Tiny Pies through Favor, they'll deliver your little treat right to your doorstep. You don't even have to leave your home to celebrate your birthday.

Enjoy your birthday to the fullest with lots of friends, families, laughs, and love, but don't forget the most important part — dessert!