One of the best things about the Calgary Stampede, after willingly making your body hate you for 10 straight days, is that it brings everyone together in a way that only happens once a year. When it comes to Nashville North, the same is true as people from all age groups, quadrants of the city, and parts of the world unite under one goal: getting lit.

As we knock back everything the coolers-only drink menu has to offer, we all show off exactly what makes each of us special. This article is here to celebrate some of those different types of people that you'll meet at Nashville North. Chances are that you're probably one of them.

1. The Over-Enthusiastically Dancing Couple

You can spot this couple by the five metre radius of space they create around themselves as they swing, flip, and twirl with uncontrollable enthusiasm. They are the true warriors of creating and defending their personal bubble in the crowded Nashville North tent.

Their weapon of choice is flailing limbs coming at lightspeed towards your drink and/or face if you get too close.

2. The Sneakers and Cowboy Hat Combo

This guy/gal probably borrowed that hat from a friend and just threw it over their non-Stampede attire hoping everyone would be too drunk to notice. However, there are not too many things weirder than watching someone two-step in a pair of Yeezys.

Don't worry if cowboy boots aren't quite your thing, you at least get bonus points if you're wearing basketball socks too.

3. The Die-Hard Country Fan

The die hard can always be spotted by their full Stampede outfit including boots, hat, plaid, AND that big belt buckle. They know all the words to every song and you'll usually spot them tearing up the dance floor all night long. Stampede is their JAM.

4. The Old Couple That's Just There For A Good Time

Swaying to the music, just enjoying the night, and chuckling to themselves as they watch the younger generation fail miserably at western dancing. These generally super nice folks are just here to enjoy some music and reminisce about their youth.

5. The Aritiza Sundress and Cowboy Boot Combo

I'm going to be honest, I have fallen into this category more than I'd like to admit. There's just something so easy about throwing on one of your favourite sundresses (that's also owned by thousands of other Calgary girls) and some cowboy boots for a 'pede ready outfit.

Throw a bandana around your neck and you are officially part of the highly popular basic Stampede girl club.

6. The Surprise Dance Partner

This one is probably a bit more relatable for girls, but hey maybe not. This Nashville North type usually comes out as you're walking through the tent when, without warning, your arm is instantaneously pulled out of its socket as a guy you've never met pulls you in for a dance.

At this point, you have two choices: dance through it and hope to emerge intact or try to somehow unlink yourself between being aggressively twirled. Best of luck, partner.

7. The "We're Just Here To Make Out" Slow Dance Couple

Usually spotted beside the over-enthusiastically dancing couple, this couple is identified by the fact that they could not care less about whether a slow dance song is actually playing or not because the truth is, you can't make out while you're twirling. And if you've just found someone you want to knock boots with, the slow dance make out is the foolproof way to lock it down.

No shame if you're cringing thinking back to your own slow dance experience right now, I'm cringing about the fact that I actually just used the phrase "knock boots".


This list only scratches the surface of the types of people you'll meet at Nashville North, but next time Christmas in July hits Cowtown maybe you and your friends can build your own list of Nash types. If only you had three hours of your life to kill while you wait to get in. Oh wait, you do. Happy Stampeding y'all!