There are two types of people in this world: those who daydream of the perfect sandwiches and those who daydream of having the life of that perfect celebrity couple. I happen to do both of those things. After a lot of eating, there are 5 celebrity couples that stood out to me when I ate these delicious sandwiches. I mean who else goes together as perfectly?

1. The Deckers: PB&J

For those of you not familiar with Jesse James Decker and Eric Decker, you are missing out on two of the most beautiful human beings. These two heart throbs are as perfect as your classic PB&J. Eric Decker is a wide receiver for the New York Jets and he is as smooth as creamy peanut butter. Jesse James Decker is only the hottest country singer out right now who is sweet like, of course, grape jelly.

PB&J is the classic, most perfect sandwich, so it is only fair that I put it as number one. Their cute little family and their insane love connection is what will make your eyes water. Some may disagree on the Deckers as the MOST perfect couple, but take a look on their IG and you will be hooked. 

2. Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively: Caprese Grilled Cheese 

I am not sure if I have ever seen a couple as beautiful as these two right here. If you have never wanted to look like Blake Lively, are you even human?  These two are bright, beautiful, and fresh. It is only acceptable that they rank number two.

I classify this celebrity couple as a Caprese Grilled Cheese Sandwich. Thats right, folks! Crisp heirloom tomatoes, beautifully hand-pulled mozzarella, and fresh basil on toasted Italian bread. C'mon, does that not sound unreal?! This is such a gorgeous looking sandwich with so many bright colors it is only acceptable that they are the Caprese sandwich. Ryan's funny and charming personality with Blake's down-to-earth personality and beautiful smile will make anyone wish they were them. 

3. Ellen Degeneres and Portia de Rossi: BLT

This celebrity duo has it all. The looks, the personality, and of course, the moves. Ellen and Portia are an icon for people of all sexual orientations. Since they are all over the media, many people tend to look up to them as an inspiration. Ellen has the biggest heart and is always helping others when she can. The sass and poise between the two of them go together just like this classic American Sandwich.

The classic BLT has the perfect combinations to describe this dynamic duo. Crispy bacon and bright heirloom tomatoes resemble Ellen's sassy personality and class act. The smooth Mayo and crisp Iceberg showcases Portia's beauty and grace. When you put these ingredients together, a beautiful creation unfolds.

Can't forget the toasted white bread! This classic sandwich is so simple, but so tasty. If you take any of these components out, it just wouldn't be the same. Just like Ellen and Portia, they are such a simple couple, but they are perfect together and great role models for society.

4. Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman: Roast Beef Sandwich 

This has to be Hollywood's most enduring power couple. The very handsome, country singing Keith has got eyes that will melt your entire heart, while Nicole's smile could light up any room. These two are perfect together and if you don't aspire to be them, something can't be right. They have the looks, the fame, the family, and of course the love. Check which fancy sandwich they resemble.

Keith and Nicole are like roast beef and provolone cheese on a toasted ciabatta with a side of au jus. This sandwich can be either elegant or casual depending on how it is served, kinda like Keith and Nicole.

Keith Urban has the edgy personality with the country scruff going on while Nicole Kidman is elegant and with a soft Australian accent. The two are quite opposites, but just like this jazzy sandwich, they go together beautifully. Nothing like biting into a crunchy toasted ciabatta after dipping it in a tangy Jus. 

5. Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis: Falafel

In this day in age, one would call Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis "Goals." Not only were they lovers on That 70's Show, but they continued their love off the cameras as well. There's something about on-stage couples turning into off-stage couples that really makes my heart happy.

It is only appropriate that Ashton's edgy, spunk with Mila's down-to-earth sass resembles a classic Greek sammie. Let's get trippy to the 70's when the best things to eat were wrapped in a Pita Pocket. Thats right, these two heartthrobs go together like Falafel and Pita bread.

This dish has so many elements that the flavors will disco in your mouth. The crunch from the falafel, the tangy tzatziki, and the bite of the red onion wrapped in a warm pita all provide a beautiful combination. Like a Falafel, Mila and Ashton tend to be underrated.

This celebrity couple can light up any red carpet and be the life of the party. Throw a couple falafel around at your next gathering and I promise you people will love it.  Falafel is the perfect munchies food for this 70's couple.

I always find myself envious of celebrity couples: perfect hair, hot spouse, beautiful family, and a lot of love. When I realize I am alone and single, food is the place I turn to. There is nothing like a sandwich to cure all your "feels". Next time you're thinking of these couples and how perfect they are, have the sammy that resembles them in their honor. I promise, it will make your heart and stomach full.