‘18s may not know this but King Arthur Flour, affectionately shortened to KAF, used to serve more than just Brie and Apple. Instead of lining up at Novack for gourmet sandwiches, KAF used to be the premier location for a treat between two slices of their artisan bread.

On March 27, a new label was propped over the menu in the King Arthur Flour café. For those who were regulars at the café, they were able to sample the return of a classic – the Roast Beef sandwich. But don’t worry, for now, the sandwich will be offered alongside their Brie and Apple sandwich.

The roast beef is served on bread baked at the King Arthur Flour bakery. But it’s not just the bread that’s delicious. KAF shows that it can make much more than baked goods. The roast beef is expertly paired with a blue cheese aioli, slow-braised balsamic onions and baby arugula to create a sandwich that will definitely prevent your stomach from awkwardly growling through a lecture.


Roast Beef Sandwich
Photo by Josh Renaud

What other sandwiches do you wish were served at KAF in Baker? Check out the café menu from King Arthur Flour here. For now, you can sample these sandwiches at its café in Norwich, VT.

What are you waiting for? Get the Roast Beef Sandwich while it’s still there!


Location: Dartmouth College Baker Library
Hours of Operation: Mon-Fri 8am-8pm, Sat-Sun 10am-8pm