As someone who moved across the country to go to school, my trips homes are increasingly few and far between. There are so many things I enjoy about a trip home: my friends, old high school hangout spots, and local restaurants. However, there is one thing that seems to really never change—the crowd you run into at the hometown bar. 

The "Friend" You Never Actually Spoke To

You'll always run into someone you didn't really talk to in high school, but now pretends like you are old friends. But hey, what better excuse to get over high school cliques than dancing the night away?

The Old Friend You Haven't Seen in Forever

Unlike the one above, this reunion is genuine. This is someone who you creep on social media to keep up with their lives and are strangely proud of. Seeing this person across the room makes your whole night. 

The Ex

You never are able to truly escape your high school relationship, no matter how many years you've been away for. Prepare for an awkward "hello" and have an exit strategy. 

The One You Have to Pretend to Be Happy to See

Not that you are still holding onto high school drama, but seeing this person doesn't exactly make your night any better. You feel a weird obligation to pretend like you're excited to see them. Make the hug quick and then "remember" that you were on your way to the bathroom line. 

Your Old Boss or Teacher 

There's always one reunion that doesn't belong on the dance floor. Good luck putting on a sober face and maintaining the, "what is your major?" chat over the music. 

The Glow Up

This is the person you haven't seen in years and suddenly see in a new light. Time is just good to some people. 

Your Besties

They're the ones you pregame with, get drunk pizza with and probably even the day-after hangover brunch with. They're the best part of coming home. 

Coming back to your hometown, be it for the summer or a quick visit, is always a treat. Enjoy the blast from the past on the dance floor, because they won't last forever. There is no place like home.