I will start off by saying, you shouldn't always judge a book by its cover. But when companies are putting out rosè bottles this pretty, we just can't help it. 

To me, wine bottles should be extremely sleek and elegant. Rosè is not only pretty in color, but the packaging takes pretty in pink to the next level. 

I see everything from trendy canned Rosè to luxurious glass bottles.

Here are what I think are the 7 prettiest Rosè bottles around. 

1. Wolffer Estate Summer in a Bottle

This is truly summer in a bottle and on the bottle. Wolffer Estate took summer literally with the abundance of colorful flowers surrounding this label making it sure to match with any summer outfit!

2. Usual Rosè

This personal rosè has a sleek shape making the bottle easy to hold and easy to drink. Just because they are tiny bottles doesn't mean we are limited to drink a tiny amount. I'll take a six pack. 

3. Gerard Bertrand Cote des Rose

What is better than a glass rose on the bottom of a rosè bottle? Uh.. nothing. You might have to flip your bottle upside to get the perfect picture but once you've finished the bottle, it's not a problem!

4. Yes Way Rosè

This particular packaging is extremely relatable because we never, ever, say no to rosè. 

5. Red Car Wine Rosè of Pinot Noir 

Simple yet artsy, Red Cars rosè label gives us the ultimate summer vibes while keeping us somehow relaxed.  

6. Babe Rosè

Babe Rosè With Bubbles gives us summer in a can and provides a little motivation on the back. This is perfect to show your followers a little love and proves that rosè is the sexiest drink around.  

7. Pink Party Rosè

Of course we need a wine label to match how we're feeling inside. Life's just a pink party, at least to me. I guess we can say Pink Party Rosè is like Babe Rosè's big sister. The dynamic rosè duo? Yes. 

With summer coming to an end, this does not mean we need to stop drinking our favorite sweet pink wines. So, keep showing off all of the trendiest bottles on Instagram and let em know that even what we drink is fashion.