No matter who you are, you’ve had at least one bad stomach ache in your life. You know the feeling, you just want to lay down and have mom come make you feel better. Sometimes mom can’t always be there, and food is the next best thing that’ll remind you of her. Get to know what you should eat when you’re not feeling well, and then read this list of what not to eat, so that you can make the best decision for your stomach.

1. Spicy Food

Stomach ache

Photo by Stephanie DeVaux

This is a no-brainer. In addition to causing a fire sensation in your mouth, it can also start a burning feeling in your stomach. Many spicy foods are the culprit of indigestion so if you already have a stomach ache, it’s better to not add fuel to the fire.

2. Dairy Products

Stomach ache

Photo by Kylie Kinder

Whether you’re intolerant or not, it’s better to avoid dairy products altogether when your stomach hurts. Dairy products have the potential to draw out your stomach’s agitation. It may even be better to cut down on dairy as a whole in your diet.

3. Soda

Stomach ache

Photo by Bailey Culpepper

All of the carbonation and sugar in soda drinks may make your stomach feel full of bubbles, too. All of the added chemicals in soda can be really harsh on the stomach so it’s better to opt out for this decaffeineated hibiscus iced tea instead.

4. Caffeine Products

Stomach ache

Photo by Morgan Nielsen

Caffeine is a diuretic and can amplify the uneasiness and discomfort associated with your stomach ache. Not to mention it can make you dehydrated, which is not a good combo for an upset stomach. Make sure you check out these hidden sources of caffeine.

5. Alcohol

Stomach ache

Photo by Jess Hayes

Again, no-brainer. If you’re feeling bad, don’t drink something that will potentially make you feel much worse than you already do. It contains chemicals that are difficult to metabolize, and like coffee, it can lead to dehydration.

6. Processed Foods

Stomach ache

Photo by Emily Palmer

Processed foods and fatty foods are much more difficult to digest because of the chemicals and fat contents, which in turn can lead to stomach pains. So it’s better to stay on the safe side with something that’s made with fewer, fresher, and healthier ingredients. Check out some healthier alternatives to your favorite junk foods.

7. Acidic Foods

Stomach ache

Photo by Haley Durham

Foods like citrus fruits and orange juice can irritate your stomach lining and cause acid reflux, so you should avoid them when you have a stomach ache. Don’t worry, you can get your daily dose of Vitamin C some other way – just don’t reach for the orange juice if you’re actually sick.