During my senior year of high school, I discovered my stomach wasn’t as tough as I always hoped. After countless stomach aches and pounds shed, I realized something must’ve been wrong. This began my new chapter as a lactose intolerant. Lemme tell you, I’m one stubborn mofo. Despite my intolerance, I often find myself indulging in dairy heavy foods like mac and cheese, grilled cheese, pizza, and ice cream, but the stomach ache that always follows is far from fun.

Completely cutting out dairy from my diet was a necessity for a while, and I have to admit, I never felt better about my health and body than I did when I ditched the dairy. Who would’ve thought that the glass of milk your mom once promised would make you healthier, isn’t very good for you after all?

It’s inflammatory

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Ever feel bloated or just overall off after consuming dairy? You’re not alone. It’s abnormal for us to be able to properly digest milk post infancy, which is what causes this inflammation. This then leads to stomach distress, constipation, and diarrhea (gross).

It contains antibiotics and hormones

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What’s in your glass of milk? You would think loads of bone-building calcium, but sadly you’re wrong. Livestock these days are injected with so many hormones and antibiotics that you can actually find traces of them in the milk you’re drinking.

It can cause acne

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Thought going through puberty would be the last of your acne troubles? Think again. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, milk and dairy intake has been linked to an increase in acne, due to the presence of hormones and antibiotics.

It’s addictive


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I’m looking at you, cheese. We’ve all heard about the possibility of oreos being addictive, but now cheese? The U.S National Library of Medicine released a study examining the addictive qualities in certain foods, including cheese. It turns out that cheese contains an ingredient called casein, which when digested, releases opiates called casomorphins, leaving you feelin’ good and wanting more.

It’s high in fats and cholesterol

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If you’re looking to cut some weight, take dairy out of your diet. I promise, it works. It’s high in fats, cholesterol, and sugar, which will do anything but help you lose weight. Try your best and avoid that late night grilled cheese, I know it’s hard.

It could upset your stomach

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Lactose intolerants, unite. According to USA Today, over 60% of adults (college peeps, that sadly includes you) can’t tolerate dairy. Lactose intolerance is so common that researchers are leaning towards it being the norm. Shocker, right?