In a city as big as New York, you would think it'd be easy to find a great cup of coffee on every corner. Sure, there might be coffee on every corner, but as for the secret spots that'll actually brighten your morning, here are my top picks.

1. Le Pain Quotidien 

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Annabel Darling

Le Pain (LPQ) might be known for their avocado toast, but people should really write more about their iced coffee. No matter which location I go to, I am never disappointed in their decadent and creamy coffee.

2. Yura On Madison

Annabel Darling

If you want to feel like you have walked onto the set of Gossip Girl I recommend the OG location on 91st and Madison. Yura has great coffee, with perhaps even better scones and muffins. If you order the iced latte, they froth the milk to perfection with just the right amount of ice. Truly fabulous. 

3. Dean & Deluca

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Annabel Darling

There are many Dean & Deluca locations, and not just in New York, but their coffee never disappointments. If you're in a rush or don't really know what type of coffee you're in the mood for, get the large iced coffee with half and half or an iced cap.

4. Sant Ambroeus

This place is definitely not cheap, which shouldn't surprise you too much in the city, but it's worth it. My absolute favorite iced latte in the city, I recommend sitting down to order it, because you get a huge oversized wine glass with a perfect milk-to-coffee ratio - totally Insta-worthy.

#SpoonTip: If you're not feeling coffee for whatever reason, order their hot chocolate. It's quite literally a melted chocolate bar with a side of cream - worth doing at least once.

5. JOE 

JOE's cold brew is a personal favorite, but they also feature great simple coffee from light to dark roast and lots of other options to choose from.

6. Nespresso Bar on Madison Avenue

This hidden gem is a great place to meet friends for a quick afternoon snack or even to buy Nespresso for the house. This place makes you feel professional and productive, from the espresso colored furniture and dim lighting to the ambience. Sip an almond milk cappuccino and people watch from the windows of Madison Avenue. Overall, Nespresso makes for a delicious and work friendly NYC coffee spot.  

7. Irving Farm Coffee Roasters 

I just recently discovered this place, with their new UES location, and I love it. I typically get a large iced coffee with cream and extra ice, but if you're feeling a tad more adventurous, try their Organic Pumpkin Seed Milk made locally by Jnana Organics!