Those of you who have been to Paris have probably, at some point, walked by or (hopefully) enjoyed the presence of Eric Kayser Artisan Boulanger. If you haven’t had the amazing opportunity to wonder the streets of Paris, think of Eric Kayser as Le Pain Quotidien meets Pret A Manger.

In the nineties, Eric Kayser began this legendary bakery and cafe with the hopes of reviving traditional baking techniques to make the best bread in the city. The first location on 8 Rue Monge marked the beginning of a bread baking empire. Now, Eric Kayser dots the streets of Paris like Le Pain Quotidien on every corner of New York City.

In the past few years, this boulangerie has gone global: opening locations in major cities around the world. Even though you can now find Eric Kayser in Mocations around Manhattan and Hong Kong, there should be even more expansion. Honestly, everyone deserves the opportunity to taste the greatness of these breads, pastries and savory snacks.

Here is why Eric Kayser needs to be in every city around the globe:

The Bread

Eric kayser

Photo courtesy of @maisonkayser on Instagram

Let’s start with the most important item on the menu. This is quite literally the reason Eric Kayser even exists and the fluffy, crunchy goodness that is the fresh baked bread most definitely lives up to the legacy in which it lives.

If you are trying to look French as French can be, purchase one of the house made baguettes to nom on while wondering the streets in your beret. Could you think of a better way to spend your day?

The Pastries

Eric kayser

Photo by Collette Block

Think cases of luscious French pastries lined up ready to be eaten. Need I say more?The pastries from Eric Kayser are almost as epic as the bread. From macarons to lemon tarts, this is definitely the place to satisfy your sweet tooth. Good luck showing any restraint when it comes to these Eric Kayser pastries.

The Sandwiches

Eric kayser

Photo by Camille Reisfield

Eric Kayser not only offers scrumptious baked goods, but also a huge variety of sandwiches, made on house made bread, of course. These simple yet delicious sandwiches are great both on-the-go and in house served warm. Basically, you won’t be going anywhere else for lunch ever again.

The Prepared Foods

Eric kayser

Photo by Collette Block

If you aren’t feeling the sandwiches or happen to be gluten free, Eric Kayser can still be the place for you. With a huge variety of salads and such, you are bound to find a concoction of greens and grains perfect for you.

#SpoonTip: When you are looking to start your day at Eric Kayser, the quiches and eggs also come highly recommended. 

The Jarred Items

Eric kayser

Photo by Collette Block

With all that bread, you are going to eventually want something to top it off with. Solution: the jams and spreads from Eric Kayser. Think strawberry jam, chocolate spreads and honey.

#SpoonTip: Buy some of these jams and spreads to keep in your pantry at home. Trust us, you won’t regret it.

If you aren’t already convinced that Eric Kayser needs to take over the world, then I’m assuming you’ve never had a life changing bread experience. On one final note, here is one last photo to drool over as you continue on with your day:

Eric kayser

Photo by Ivy Wanta