Everyone loves a good swim, especially in the hot summer. Swimming may sound like a simple recreational activity, but it can actually get very tiring with all the energy you spend using your entire body. These foods, however, are great before a swim. They can actually help against tiredness, hunger, and cramping.

#SpoonTip: Try to avoid fatty and oily foods to prevent indigestion.

1. Fruit


Photo by Tess Wei

Fruits are well known for being packed with tons of vitamins, keeping your body hydrated, reducing the risk of chronic diseases, and more. They are also great for digestion, and require little to no preparation to eat. So if you want real easy fast food, fruit is the way to go.

Some affordable fruits are bananas for potassium, apples for fiber, berries for antioxidants, and oranges for vitamin C. Check out these recipes for creative ways to incorporate more fruits into your diet.

2. Snack Bars


Photo by Rachel Hartman

Everyone loves a good snack bar, and it is not surprising why. Snack bars are great for people who like to travel or are on the go. Plus, they taste amazing.

These packaged snacks can be kept well in any temperature. And they’re great for providing high amounts of protein, energy, and fiber in a quick and easy way.

The lower the sugar and amount of ingredients, the healthier the bar tends to be – so choose wisely.

3. Whole Grain Carbohydrates


Photo by Kendra Valkema

Whole wheat pasta, bread, or brown rice will help keep you full and give you some long lasting energy. Whole grains are rich in fiber, which help with digestion. You can also get many important minerals: Phosphorous which is essential for forming bones and teeth; Manganese which helps change food into energy; And magnesium which helps maintain a strong immune system and regulate body temperature.

Some great sources of whole grain are oats, quinoa, brown rice, and millet. Want to know how to use whole grains? Try these great recipes: chickpea and quinoa salad and easy chia and flaxseed oatmeal.

4. Protein-Rich Foods


Photo by Sally Zhang

Protein is very important for your everyday functioning, as it helps improve muscle repair and replenishment. It also keeps your hair and nails healthy, making them glossy and oh so beautiful. Foods high in protein include spinach, beans, nuts, lean meats, eggs, and low-fat cheese.

These protein-dense foods will keep you strong and lean: almond butter protein balls and a 3-minute peanut butter shake. If you’re a vegetarian, here are some vegetarian protein sources.

5. Smoothies and Soups


Photo by Rachel Piorko

If you tend to get dehydrated when you go swimming, try eating a smoothie or soup beforehand. Not only are they great for hydration, they fill you up without making you feel heavy and slow. They are also easy meal replacements and are known to help with weight loss.