The first few months of college were filled with friends and family asking what care packages they could send me.  Without investigating the apparently wide industry of care packages, I referred my suitors to the same few well known cupcake delivery places.

While I’ll never be one to turn down a cupcake, I wondered if there were more care package options I could have turned to. As it turns out, I was severely underestimating the packages the internet has to offer. From sourdough bread to fruit, there is a care package available for anyone.

Japanese Candy: Skoshbox

While my mom’s care packages frequently include candy, no type she sends can compare to the novelty of Japanese treats. Skoshbox offers monthly subscription plans that offer a variety of Japanese candies each month.

Even if you’re able to buy Japanese candy locally, Skoshbox offers the benefit of being partners with various Japanese candy companies who allow subscribers to try new products and flavors before their official launch.

This box is perfect for someone with a sweet tooth who would appreciate receiving something other than Mom’s cookies every once in awhile.

Fruit: Harry and David's Fruit of the Month

As college dining halls are notorious for having limited options when it comes to fresh produce, Harry and David's Fruit of the Month club ensures you always have some fresh fruit on standby.

With subscription options ranging from three to 12 months, each month you are a member you will receive a box of different in-season fruits. With Fruit of the Month club, you’ll always have a way to intake your daily vitamin C, because we all know Emergen-C only goes so far.

Ice Cream: Jeni's Ice Cream

Thanks to the wonders of dry ice, ice cream care packages are not only possible, but readily available. Jeni’s Ice Cream in particular is one of my favorites because of their amazing seasonal flavors such as Sweet Potato with Torched Marshmallow or Boozy Eggnog.

Next time your dining hall's froyo/ice cream machine is broken, hit up Jeni’s for all your frozen dairy needs.

Jerky: Shari's Berries' Meat Lovers Snacking

Shari’s Berries

Although care packages are typically filled with sweet treats, this Meat Lovers care package is perfect for those who are savory at heart. With an assortment of jerky, salami, and beef sticks, this care package definitely ensures you will meet your protein requirements for the day.

This care package is perfect for those who like to snack but aren’t a big fan of sweets.

Sourdough Bread: Boudin Bakery

Nothing quite says Thanksgiving like a turkey-shaped loaf of sourdough bread, right? Boudin ensures you will be prepared for any holiday with an appropriately themed bread loaf.

Located in San Francisco, Boudin is world famous for their sourdough bread. Since visitors to Boudin can hardly wait until their next visit to San Francisco to enjoy their breads again, Boudin has made their products available online with next day shipping. Now anyone can enjoy these next level breads practically on demand. Boudin’s seasonal loaves are basically the greatest innovation in the bread world since, well, sliced bread.

Even if you are that person who raves about getting your monthly package of mom’s cookies, you can still appreciate the plethora of care packages the internet has to offer. From meat to ice cream, there is a package to fit your every wish and dietary need.