It seems like nowadays there is a podcast for literally any topic under the sun from observations about the art world to everything about wine and even podcasts that are solely dedicated to video games. I don’t think they’ve made as big of an impact anywhere else as it has in the health industry. You can find health podcasts about fitness, nutrition, mind/body work, mental health and autoimmune diseases. There are thousands of different voices and experiences that you can hear from about any topic that interests you.

When walking to class, doing homework or just relaxing my go-to was to listen to music, but in the efforts to switch up my routine I’ve turned to podcasts and they’ve made a huge difference in how I live my day to day life. I’ve mainly been interested in health podcasts lately because of their wide variety of covered topics from nutrition to working out to mental health and hidden diseases. So here are my choices for the top 5 health podcasts.

1) The Doctor's Farmacy- Dr. Mark Hyman

If you’re looking for a very broad, something-new-everyday kind of thing, this podcast has your name written all over it. Dr. Mark Hyman touches on subjects about good health practices, food habits, human food impact on the environment, sleep habits, the greater food system and finding happiness. I’ve loved having the variety and unexpected lessons I learn every day from Dr. Hyman.

2) Made Visible-Harper Spero

Harper is all about giving a voice to those that may be silently struggling. Her podcast, Made Visible, shares stories about invisible illnesses that may go unnoticed by the public. Not only does Made Visible shed light on these chronic conditions, but it also helps those who experience them —whether as patients, caregivers, friends or family members — feel more seen and heard. Guests have included interior designer and Bravo, Netflix, and HGTV star Genevieve Gorder, who has Lyme disease and Hashimoto's thyroiditis; meditation teacher, bestselling author, transformational speaker and coach Sah D’Simone, who experienced addiction and depression; and licensed clinical psychologist and co-founder of MindWell NYC, Becca Skolnick, who deals with waves of grief.

3) Beginning: The Guardian Guide for Running

This podcast is chock full of information for someone who wants to start out running and doing so in the most effective, safe and healthy way possible. The Guardian's 8-week podcast teaches you how to run properly (cause who knew you needed to know that?) Each week it gives different variations of a running workout with pace and recovery times, increasing in difficulty each week.

4) The Rich Roll Podcast- Rich Roll

Many refer to this podcast as a “master-class in personal and professional development” and I fully agree. Rich Roll, an ultra-endurance athlete, public speaker, nutrition advocate and overall badass, will talk about literally anything if it can improve your life. Recent topics he’s discussed include reimagining the workplace, leadership, plant-based eating, digital minimalism, addiction, parenting teens and more.

5) Body Kindness- Rebecca Scritchfield

'Body Kindness' is an amazing podcast the centers on body image and speaking kindly to ourselves in support of a positive body image. I, like many people, have negative opinions about the bodies that we’re currently in but listening to this podcast has really been able to change some of my negative ways of thinking. Rebecca highlights issues throughout the food and body worlds with underlying messages of self-love and self-compassion.

I hope these suggestions were helpful on your path to finding the perfect health podcast for you!