Everyone loves to eat, but not everyone loves to cook. Food is the foundation that binds us all together because no matter who you are or what you believe in, you have to eat. What is more enjoyable than sitting down with your closest friends and indulging yourself in some of your favorite foods? With this need to eat there are people that need to cook, called chefs. However, there are three types of chefs and you are most likely one of them.

beer, coffee
Alex Weiner


   The first type of chef is the creator. The creator is the chef who loves food and loves to make food. They put passion and most importantly love into everything they make whether its a simple sandwich or a three course meal.

   They probably work in the food industry, and if they do not then they dream about opening their very own restaurant one day. The creator enjoys being in the kitchen as often as possible making food whether for themselves, their significant other, or for a crowd of fifty. The creator loves trying new things or putting new twists on classic dishes. The creator does not use recipes except as a reference for something they have never made before.

   They love eating just as much as the next person, but get more pleasure from serving and making for others. The creator is passionate about every part in a kitchen and wants to use the best equipment they can. Never take a creator to Bed, Bath, and Beyond unless you want to get stuck in the kitchen section for an hour and a half looking at knives that they will probably never get but fantasize about having.

   Some chefs love to eat but do not really enjoy the cooking part of it as much as the creator, these chefs are called eaters.

cucumber, avocado, vegetable
Sarah Silbiger


   The second type of chef is called the eater. The eater loves to eat food and knows how to make food but does not get that enjoyment from making food as the creators do. Eaters are the average person, not that its bad to be average, the eater works and comes home and makes themselves dinner or sometimes goes out to eat but would rather save the money and make food themselves.

   The eater also uses their ability to cook to impress their significant other by cooking for them on a date. The eater usually keeps it simple in the kitchen and does not experiment a lot with their food. The eater follows a recipe very strictly and probably does not deviate from it.

   The eater will make food for others but would rather leave that for the creators, however, can provide some pretty good classic dishes for a pot-luck. The eater will make do with what they have in the kitchen and does not spend much money on new kitchen appliances, and will probably rely mostly on hand-me-downs. Everyone loves to eat, but not everyone knows how to make food for themselves.

pizza, blueberry
Ellen Gibbs


   The third and final type of chef is the avoider. This chef loves food, but if you ask them to step into a kitchen to cook they become anxious and scared. The avoiders stove is probably only ever used to make ramen or to warm the house.

   The avoider is more and more common these days as restaurants and take out are becoming more readily available. The avoider relies mostly on restaurants and fast food for their food sources. The avoider may not be able to cook for their significant other but probably know a great restaurant to take them to since that's all they ever do for food.

   The avoider is scared of making food and probably thinks they can burn water. The avoider does not know how to follow a recipe and does not trust themselves anywhere around a knife. Some avoiders wish they could cook, but are too afraid or intimidated to step into a kitchen. While others are content continuously going out or letting others cook for them. 


   So how is everyone a chef? Everyone whether they are creators, eaters, or avoiders can cook. Everyone has the potential to cook whether they believe it or not, all it takes is  determination, hard work, and a whole lot of practice, practice, practice. Do not get discouraged if something doesn't work out and always stay positive. To quote Gusteau from Disney's Ratatouille, "Anyone can cook."