Although September 22nd was technically the first day of fall, October really ushers in that fall feeling. Leaves turn red and yellow. Shorts and tank tops change to sweaters and leggings. Your dorm room is finally a normal temperature. And everything-pumpkin starts to come out at all your favorite stores.

Fall foods are warm and comforting—perfect for protecting against the newly cold weather and getting you through your toughest midterm. For all you autumnal fans, I've compiled a list of the 15 best fall foods for your dorm room to get you excited about season.

1. Apples

apple, pasture
Katherine Jenks

Fall means apple season. Apples are always a great snack to have around. They are delicious and easy to take anywhere. And if biting into a plain apple isn't your thing, check out these easy apple recipes.

2. Fall Flavored Power Bars

Katherine Jenks

Many power bar/protein bar brands come out with fall flavors like pumpkin spice or apple pie every year. If your local grocery store doesn't carry these flavors, try out some year-round fall flavors, like this pecan pie-flavored Larabar.

3. Maple Syrup

beer, tea
Katherine Jenks

Although maple syrup is technically in season during the winter, it is undoubtedly a fall flavor. Put it on waffles, pancakes, or in your oatmeal instead of sugar or honey.

4. Cinnamon

beer, pumpkin
Katherine Jenks

Cinnamon is the essential fall spice. Most college students can't commit to having a full spice drawer but cinnamon should definitely should be one you keep handy because of its versatility. It pairs well with both apples and pumpkins and tastes great in coffee and on toast. 

5. Butternut Squash Soup

tea, cake
Katherine Jenks

Butternut squash soup is the ideal fall comfort food. Creamy and dark in its flavor, this soup will keep you warm and cozy. If you're not a huge fan of store-bought soup, make your own homemade butternut squash soup.

6. Kettle Corn

popcorn, milk
Katherine Jenks

Fall is the time for popcorn. Kettle corn will take you back to making popcorn balls (like these) in elementary school without all the hassle of actually cooking.

7. Canned Pumpkin

pumpkin, vegetable
Katherine Jenks

Although some people prefer to roast their own pumpkin and then mash it for pies, I am a fan of the can. Canned pumpkin is an extremely convenient way to bring pumpkin into your life.

You can use it to make microwave mug pumpkin pie, pumpkin protein pancakes, and even PSLs.

8. Maple Flavored Yogurt

tea, beer, coffee
Katherine Jenks

Yogurt is one of the best foods to have around because it's high in protein and lasts up to a month in the fridge. Although plain yogurt is much healthier than flavored yogurt, you should splurge this fall and try some maple-flavored yogurt.

9. Potatoes

pasture, vegetable, potato, ulluco, apple
Katherine Jenks

Fall is potato season in New England. Potatoes are a great addition or base to any meal. Eat them as a side dish or baked with lots of toppings.

#SpoonTip: Potatoes are easy to bake in the microwave!

10. Apple Cider

jam, honey, marmalade, gelatin
Katherine Jenks

Apple's best friend is apple cider. This fall drink is delicious on its own, but even better from a warm mug. Bonus points if you can get locally made, unpasteurized cider with the pulp still in it.

11. Mulling Spices

chocolate, coffee
Katherine Jenks

Mulling spices are basically all the fall spices you would ever need combined into one convenient blend. These spices are made specifically to add to apple cider but those of you who are 21+ can mull your wine as well.

12. Dried Cranberries

Katherine Jenks

Cranberries are the best combination of fall and Thanksgiving. This fruit is best consumed dried because it requires no refrigeration and makes the berries much sweeter.

#SpoonTip: Add them to oatmeal for breakfast or to some nuts for a quick and easy trail mix.

13. Candy Corn

candy, sweet
Katherine Jenks

Candy corn is one of the most controversial foods. Some people hate it but others, like me, could eat their weight in it. Candy corn lasts forever and is a great study tool—put a piece on each page and eat it as you read through your textbooks. #NoShame

14. Pumpkin Sweet Potato Chips

chips, sweet
Katherine Jenks

Sweet potato chips are a year-round quality choice for snacking but sweet potato pumpkin chips with fall spices are ideal for this season. Although they aren't much healthier than regular potato chips, at least they're ten times more fun.

15. Candied Nuts

Katherine Jenks

Candied nuts are a great combination of all of fall's essential flavors. They are simultaneously earthy, sticky and sweet. Warm them up a little bit for an extra classy snack.