My favorite part about running my own food Instagram is being able to follow tons of other Instagram accounts for a wide variety of #foodporn.

And while I do enjoy getting my fair share of restaurant food in my feed, most of my favorite accounts are ones that post food that I can actually make myself. I love getting recipe inspiration through Instagram, and it's a great way to interact with some accounts with large followings

Here are some of my personal recommendations for food Instagrams to follow when you're looking for recipe inspiration, from healthy to indulgent. 


Feedfeed is a website full of every recipe that you can imagine. It's organized by feeds, or categories, based on the type of recipe or ingredients. All of the recipes come from cooks on Instagram, so if you find one you love, you can follow the person who originally wrote it for more ideas. 


Monique is a recipe developer who posts pictures of her wholesome food, as well as travel and fitness journey. Many of her recipes are traditionally unhealthy foods transformed by using high quality, nutritious ingredients.

No matter what the recipe, from salads to double chocolate muffins, you can find it on her blog


This account goes along with Butter & Brioche, the blog that was just awarded Best Baking and Sweets Blog by Saveur Magazine. I suppose it's only fitting that Thalia keeps it extremely aesthetically-pleasing and packed with enough dessert recipes to satisfy any sweet tooth. 


Demeter runs a tight ship when creating her recipes. They're all plant-based and allergy-friendly. It's a great account to follow for vegan, gluten-free, and paleo versions of all of your favorite baked, and unbaked, sweets and snacks. 


While a feed of desserts sounds like a good idea, in practice it can leave you reaching for frozen meals. That's where Jenny's feed of healthy and satisfying veggie-centric meals comes in. She posts her own pictures of other accounts' recipes with all the ingredients in the caption. 


While the title of Joy's blog may lead you to believe it's all about baked goods, in reality, she runs a feed with a great balance of healthy and indulgent. From tacos to carrot cake, there's a little bit of everything, which makes it an interesting account to follow. 


Ella, a self-proclaimed "food lover and entrepreneur," has earned herself a following of over a million with healthy plant-based recipes.

If actually making something is too much of a hassle, you can always order her breakfast cereal or energy balls or register for an event catered by Ella herself. She really does do it all. 


This account is a running feed of the food of Lindsay Ostrom's life. I have to say that I wish I was Lindsay, based on the diversity of delicious meals that run across her palate. She posts tons of recipe videos for those that need a little extra visual help. 


Chances are that if you've ever prowled the world of internet food blogs, you've come across My Name is Yeh.

Run by the award-winning cookbook author Molly Yeh, the Instagram is the behind the scenes look at her blog that features recipes inspired by Molly's Jewish and Asian roots mixed with her midwestern farm life. 


Tieghan Gerard opens up her kitchen to the world through Instagram, posting recipe videos and perfectly-styled pictures of finished plates. The diverse range of recipes, including those featured in her new cookbook, surround the common theme of being family friendly. 


I fell in love with this feed curated by Lucia Lee because of, you guessed it, the minimalist aesthetic. My appreciation for her easy to make plates came after, when I realized that her captions always include the components of each dish. She doesn't always include recipes, but it's close enough. 


In her bio, Rachel says that she is a recipe developer, food stylist, dessert enthusiast, and wellness and lifestyle blogger. Every one of those titles shows through in her feed, which is a great mix of wholesome meal ideas and healthy-ish dessert recipes


This no-nonsense feed to go along with the Whisk and Whittle blog always features bright meals and baked goods made with fresh ingredients. The whisk refers to tons of recipes for baked goods. For the whittle, check out their shop of wood kitchenware


You know the recipes are going to be good when they're from Tessa Huff, a baker, blogger, and cookbook author. Even if they weren't, I would still follow her for professional pictures of beautifully-decorated baked goods. 


Formerly @topwithcinnamon, Izy Hozzack has rebranded her Instagram account since publishing her newest cookbook without compromising on the quality of her pictures or recipes. She's a food science and nutrition expert creating easy, flavorful, and affordable recipes.

Now that you have so many delicious-looking pictures gracing your feed, with recipes to go along, there's no excuse to keep spending your money on takeout. It's time to tie on your apron and get in the kitchen.