In today’s world it’s not only about what you eat, but about how good it looks on the plate. Whether it’s your extravagant brunch, decadent dinner, or the meal that you “threw together” and are too proud of not to share, chances are you’re going to snap a pic and share it via Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook…the list is nearly endless.

Although most people claim they “couldn’t care less what you had for lunch,” I can almost guarantee they follow at least some form of a food social media account. One of my personal favorites is @foodintheair, famous for its flavorful pictures of the most spectacular foods lifted in to the air. Check out the picture below for example, what’s better than a plate of tacos in the air?

better cook

Photo courtesy of @foodintheair on Instagram

With the invention of short cooking videos, it’s hard not to have some sort of daily food inspiration in your life. The power of this day to day food inspiration is that it leaves you with the insatiable desire for amazing food,  forcing you to want the best.

I have always loved to cook, but I have never been what you would call an amazing chef. Seeing different videos, Instagram pages and so many other pictures of mouth-watering foods that are much easier to make than you would think, has become the best form of inspiration for a college student who wants to cook but isn’t quite sure where to start.

better cook

Photo courtesy of @dankdishesbydon  Instagram

If you didn’t take a picture of it, did you really eat it? By sharing some of your meals to the social media world around you, it not only makes you conscious of what you’re eating, but it also makes you want to receive positive feedback of how delicious your meal looks (in the form of “likes,” of course).

So the next time you are about to eat just another boring bowl of cereal, why not cook up a quick omelet for breakfast? It looks better, tastes better, and hey, people will be impressed by your skills. Unless you really can’t cook, in which case just go out to brunch.

better cook

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