As the semester inches along, sometimes it seems like your brain is fried - or baked - from school. No matter how much you study, things never go exactly according to plan. Problem sets never really cover material from lecture, and you're just winging the technical difficulties. Professors expect show-stopping projects and papers, but sometimes you just run out of time. Sound familiar? Luckily, we got the Great British Baking Show to perfectly summarize those "in-tents" academic moments.

Signature Challenge: The Beginning of The Semester

1. The semester has just begun. You see your friends, you're feeling confident, and it seems like this will be the best semester yet.

2. Day one of classes and the material seems easy enough. At a pace like this, you'll be breezing through the semester.

3. But a tiny part of your mind reminds you that classes can go from 0 to 100 real fast.

4. Then you're assigned homework and you realize you know a lot less than you originally thought...

5. You quickly begin to wonder if you've bitten off more than you can chew.

Technical Challenge: Papers and Problem Sets Galore.

6. You spend countless hours on a paper, only to be told...

7. But then midterms come around, and you're calculating the minimum score you need to maintain a decent grade.

8. By the middle of the semester, it often feels like you're on the brink of mental and physical collapse.

9. It seems like everyone else in the class knows the answer, and you're the only one who's lost.

10. But then you remember that everyone's basically in the same boat, doing whatever it takes to make it through the last few weeks.

Show-Stopper: FINALS

11. By the time finals roll around, you're in command mode, ready to push yourself to get everything done.

12. You finally walk out of your last exam, relieved to toss all that stress behind you.

13. And regardless of how it all went, you're one semester closer to graduating!

14. Now there's only one way to celebrate...

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