Struggling with what foods to bring or serve at your Super Bowl party? Look no further. Generally, most people go for the appetizer type dinners versus serving an actual meal. So use this as your guide for the perfect Super Bowl Menu. 

1. Wings

pork, sauce, meat, chicken wings, chicken
Dannah Strauss

Wings are one of the most essential foods for the Super Bowl. There is no football game without wings. 

2. Sliders

bread, ketchup, sandwich, bun, french fries
Sierra Baldwin

Burgers are as American as it gets and so is football, so two and two just naturally go together. 

3. Pigs in a Blanket

pork, bacon
Maddie Lanier

For those who don’t know what these are, they are mini hot dogs. Just like sliders, hot dogs are a very typical American food and mini hot dogs are the perfect appetizer to munch on while watching the big game.

4. Chips and Dip

jalapeno, sauce, chips, salt, tortilla chips, corn, guacamole, salsa
Dannah Strauss

Chips and dip are the definitions of appetizers. The best part about them is there are so many options. My personal favorite is chips and guacamole because you can’t go wrong with guacamole.

Some other suggestions are buffalo chicken dip, which is also amazing, salsa, and queso. Sliced up veggies can also be used for dipping so make sure to slice up some peppers or carrots for those out there who are #healthy 

5. Chicken Tenders

meat, potato, ketchup, fish and chips, chips, chicken, french fries
Dannah Strauss

Another classic pairing with sliders and pigs in a blanket. Chicken tenders are easy to throw on a plate and dip in some ketchup of mustard.

6. Assorted 5-foot subs

salad, bacon, cheese, bread, lettuce, sandwich
Bonnie Blocker

These are the long subs that are pre-made and sliced into smaller pieces and end up being the perfect sandwich size. These are for those who are looking for more filling food and not just appetizers.

7. Chili

meat, vegetable
Stephanie Cozza

Chili is also one of those foods for people who are looking for more filling meals, but can also be served in small portion sizes as well. Chili is the perfect thing to cozy up with for the big game.

8. Chocolate Chip Cookie and Brownies

cookie, butter, sandwich, peanut, peanut butter, chocolate
Dannah Strauss

All good parties need good dessert and why over complicate it this part of the meal? Just a plain batch of chocolate chip cookies and brownies are perfect to satisfy those of us with a #sweettooth

9. Soda

Aurelie Corinthios

All Super Bowl parties need refreshments and some have younger kids running around so a good arrangement of sodas never fails.

10. Beer

alcohol, liquor, wine, beer
Missy Miller

Finally, what’s a Super Bowl party without beer? Considering the fact that most commercials aired that night are about beer, it seems to be a pretty basic party favor.

Offering all these foods and drinks at your Super Bowl party are sure to make it a hit, whether your team wins or loses. Enjoy the game and even better, enjoy some really good American food.