Our generation idolizes Hollywood. From fashion trends to diet trends, we follow their every move and often replicate them. Sometimes people idolize celebrities so much that they even name their children after their favorite stars. This list of celebs is special in that they all of one thing in common: FOOD.

I mean, what's better then being named after something truly amazing, like a nice sizzling piece of bacon, or a sweet, juicy strawberry? If you can think of a more meaningful tribute to something as important as food, let me know.

1. Kevin Bacon

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What an honor it must be to have one of the world's best foods as your last name. From Footloose to X-Men, Kevin Bacon is a fan favorite, just like this bacon taco shell. 

2. Halle Berry

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A sweet name for a sweet soul, Halle Berry couldn't be a more fitting name. Berries are the all around all-stars of fruit, just like Halle who is a world-class model, actress, and film producer (can you say triple threat?).

3. Stephen Curry

What do Stephen Curry and India's staple flavor have in common? Well, besides the obvious, they are both the stars of their own sports. Want to be like Stephen in the kitchen? Try out this easy curry recipe even NBA stars have time for. 

4. Heather Graham

Just like graham crackers are the shining star of s'mores, Heather Graham is a shining star in Hollywood. Starring in fan-favorites like The Hangover and Austin Power's, this girl deserves a Grahammy.

5. Brie Larson

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Much like her namesake suggests, Brie Larson is an award-winning actress. I mean, being named after one of the world's most smooth and tasty cheeses has to set you up for success, am I right?

So next time you sit down and watch one of Larson's many great appearances, try out this baked brie pastry to celebrate the success of this actress (and this cheese).

6. Candoleezza Rice

Just like rice is the MVP of many dishes, Condoleezza Rice is an MVP in life. As the first African-American female to serve as secretary of state, Rice is surely a smart cookie. Although some are lucky to share names with great foods, I think rice might be the lucky one here. 

7. Sean Bean

With no relation to Lizzie McGuire's character, Beans, Sean Bean is an english actor who made his first professional appearance in a performance of Romeo & Juliet. Although he may have been picked on for that name at a young age, his haters must be begging for an autograph now.

8. Darryl Strawberry

Just as strawberries are one of the MVBs (most valuable berries), Darryl Strawberry was an MVP of Major League Baseball. With four World Series Championships under his belt, he is one of the most recognizable baseball players in history. However, with a name like Strawberry, you better be great. 

9. Jon Hamm

Star of hit TV show "Mad Men," Jon Hamm is a star player in Hollywood as both an actor and director. Like the food, Jon is one hot ham in the industry. Like ham is to New Jersey's Famous Taylor Ham sandwiches, Jon Hamm is key to "Mad Man's" cast.

10. Alyssa Milano

Like the cookie, Alyssa Milano is elegant and tasteful. As an actress, singer, and producer, Alyssa is fierce both on and behind the camera. Next time you whip out a bag of those tasty Milano cookies, be sure to pay tribute to this amazing star. 

And the list goes on. It seems as though it's a Hollywood standard to name your child after a food now-a-days (looking at you, Apple Paltrow). I mean, they say baby names with significance are the best ones, and what's more significant than food?