Asian supermarkets can be somewhat overwhelming, not to mention confusing when you don't know what you're looking for or what's out there. The next time you're craving sweet or savory snacks when you're bored or in need of a study snack, check out these options from the best Asian snacks.

1. Karinto

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Shizuka Tei

Karinto is a traditional Japanese sweet snack that is fried and coated with a rich brown sugar syrup coating. Pair this snack with a cup of hot green tea. 

2. Poteko (Potato Rings)

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Shizuka Tei

 These ring-shaped potato snacks are not only addictive to eat, because of the slight saltiness and crunchiness, but they are also fun to decorate your fingers with. 

3. Yakult

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Shizuka Tei

This cute beverage may be mistaken for a children's drink because of its size, but it is definitely for all ages. Yakult is actually a probiotic dairy drink, so it's great for your digestive system. According to the Yakult website, this probiotic dairy drink is not harmful for those who are lactose-intolerant, as it contains "very little lactose", though it does "contain skimmed milk". Pop these little bad boys in the freezer for an icy treat.

4. Baby Star Dried Noodles

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Shizuka Tei

Prince Noodles come in different packaging sizes. The small ones are good for a to-go snack, while the bigger ones could be eaten like instant ramen or even eaten dry as noodle-like crackers.

5. Fruit and Soda Gummy Candies

Shizuka Tei

Japanese gummy candies come in a variety of flavors and textures. Common flavors consist of fruit variations and soda types. Aside from the generic gummies, there are also ones coated with sour sugar and some with a hard candy-shell coating with a soft inside.

6. Tomato French Fry Chips

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Shizuka Tei

These chips resemble veggie straws but they taste like Canadian Lays ketchup-flavored chips. 

6. Umaibo

Shizuka Tei

Umaibo (oo-mai-bo) actually means "delicious stick" in Japanese. This snack is named after its hollow, cylindrical shape and corn flavor. This classic Japanese snack is a childhood favorite and comes in numerous flavors. 

7. Pea Crackers

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Shizuka Tei

The flavor may sound odd and somewhat unappealing but these chips are extremely popular in Taiwan. If the classic flavor of pea and garlic is not your cup of tea, the spicy or cheese flavors are good as well.

8. Choco Ball

Shizuka Tei

The gummy choco balls are what most children in Taiwan grew up eating. The chocolate hardshell complements the chewy gummy flavor. This is definitely a favorite on the list of best Asian snacks.

9. Lays Chips: Kyushu Seaweed Flavor

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Shizuka Tei

While Ketchup flavored Lays are popular in Canada, the Kyushu Seaweed Lays is a staple flavor in Asia, and one of the best Asian snacks out there. 

10. Animal Crackers

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Shizuka Tei

These animal crackers are not like the animal crackers by Stauffer's. These Japanese made crackers have a buttery taste with a slight sweetness. Another difference is that the Japanese crackers are each labeled with the name of the animal, so you'll never ponder what animal you are possibly eating. 

Time to fill your pantry or snack stash with the best Asian snacks. If you can't find them at your local Asian supermarket you can definitely find some of them on Amazon.