When someone thinks of Thanksgiving, the first thing that typically comes to mind is food. From Grandma's classic pumpkin pie to Dad's cornbread stuffing, Thanksgiving brings out everyone's Top Chef potential. Unfortunately, Thanksgiving brings an intense binge-eating experience. Over-eating on this holiday is almost inevitable, so here are some necessary steps take after a night of feasting.

1. Hydration

First, you must chug (water, of course). It may be hard to drink a lot after a huge meal but this is bound to help you feel better almost immediately. Hydrating yourself before going to bed will help your body cycle through toxins and rid itself of waste. You will also be able to thank yourself in the morning when you wake up without looking like a completely bloated mess. 

2. Exercise

Next, work it out. Whether it be running on the treadmill, hot yoga or a spin class, getting that heart rate up is key to burning off some of those high calorie foods. Working up a sweat also enables your body to release "feel-good" endorphins. These can boost your happiness, possibly making you forget about all the crap you ate last night.

3. Clean Eating

An integral part of curing your Thanksgiving hangover will be to eat clean. Avoid added sugars, oils, alcohol and high sodium foods. These no-no's will make you feel bloated and contribute to more calories consumed. 

4. Avoid starvation  

Don't starve yourself. This is a common mistake people make after a day of overindulgence. Despite popular misconceptions, skipping meals or depriving your body of snacks actually increases the desire to overeat again. If you're feeling hungry between meals, stick to things like fruit, Greek yogurt and protein bars.

5. Build a bridge, and get over it

Accept that overeating is not the end of the world. Having one bad meal won't make you gain ten pounds, just like working out for an hour won't make you lose ten pounds either. The most important step to take is moving on. Remember the awesome Thanksgiving food you ate and the amazing memories you made with family and friends.