We all know that sitting around the Thanksgiving table prompts many different feelings. Being in the company of friends and family, especially after a year of isolation for many, is bound to spark heartfelt, cheerful moments. Yet, there will no doubt be periods of stress and tension for those of us who may not get along with extended family or who don't know how to cook. For whatever mood you may be feeling, here's a list of Thanksgiving drinks (which can be made alcoholic or virgin) to fit the occasion. 

Apple Cider Margarita

Starting off with a holiday classic, the apple cider margarita. This relatively mild drink is made sweet by the fresh apple cider and holds a strong cinnamon flavor from that cinnamon stick. It's all topped off with a cinnamon sugar rim to give it that extra seasonal flavor. Just leave out the splash of tequila for a virgin version. The sweet, fall flavors will match the cheery kickoff of the evening perfectly before any controversial comments have been made. 

Thanksgiving Jungle Juice

If it's getting to the point in the night where your family is starting to ask about your love life, it may be time to switch over to this thanksgiving jungle juice. Made with red wine, fireball, a variety of fall fruits, and a few extras, this festive drink will no doubt put you in a better mood. Holiday jungle juice is highly customizable (you can check out another recipe here) and easy to serve to a large crowd. Help your siblings and cousins face the night ahead too. If you're looking for a virgin version, the Spruce Eats recipe for holiday punch will pack the same bite that you may need this Thanksgiving gathering. 

Cranberry Bourbon Sour

You just found out that the turkey isn't nearly ready and your aunt just made a controversial political comment. It's time to switch Thanksgiving drinks. This recipe for a cranberry bourbon sour is tart enough to offset the discomfort that is sure to occur. The acidity from the cranberries, oranges, and bitters will match the mood of this point in the evening but not tart enough to make things worse. 

Vanilla Espresso Martini

If you're starting to tire and need a little pick-me-up to keep up with the late-night banter, this recipe for a vanilla espresso martini is fitting. The shot of espresso will perk you back into answering personal questions and waiting for the pies to come out of the oven. The sweet, sugar-rimmed edge will only boost that bit of energy you may need this holiday.

Turmeric Ginger Hot Toddy

Last, but most certainly not least, there's the hot toddy. This version is made with turmeric ginger tea, ginger liqueur, and orange and cinnamon to garnish. The hot, yet fresh, flavor of this cocktail (use this recipe for a mocktail version) is a great way to  decompress at the end of the evening. The antioxidants from the turmeric ginger tea will help you reset and the warmth from the tea may help you return to the warmth from the start of the gathering. 

Even if you don't need any stress relief this holiday and everything goes flawlessly, these Thanksgiving drinks are still a fun way to add to your gathering this season!