Disney has been apart of all of our childhoods. We've dressed as our favorite characters and re-watched our favorite animated movies time and time again. And like Disney, our childhood couldn't have been complete without sneaking a couple desserts in (preferably before dinner). So for the ultimate throwback, tell us your favorite Disney movie and we'll tell you which dessert you are. 

"Peter Pan" — S'mores

peanut butter, chocolate, peanut, cookie, butter, brownie, marshmallow
Mikaela Orenstein

S'mores provide a sense of nostalgia of sitting around the campfire or just constructing one for a sleepover. You're a child at heart. Laughter and friendships are important to you, and you never fail at making people laugh. You prefer to improvise rather than stick with a plan and seem to never run out of energy

"Moana" — Key Lime Pie

lemon, lime, pie
Jocelyn Hsu

As a natural-born leader, you take initiative. When planning a road trip with friends, you take care of every little detail. You are responsible, meticulous, and focused. When you set a goal, you achieve it, but you still know when to have fun. A key lime pie is tart at first (and maybe a bit hard to understand), but is sweet and sugary with every bite

"Aladdin" — Churros 

caramel, ice cream, ice, cream, chocolate
Amy Cho

As an outspoken individual, you're not afraid to speak your mind. As a free spirit, you love to go out and explore what the world has to offer. You are clever and logical, so you know when something isn't right. Churros are a mixture of sweet and spice; they're scrumptious by themselves or with a scoop of ice cream. 

"Mulan" — Chocolate Chip Cookies

peanut, peanut butter, butter, cookie, chocolate
Jenna Moxley

You are the life of the party and a natural-born entertainer. You're loud and love to stand out above the crowd. You don't like to wait on the sidelines; instead, you go out and experience life. Chocolate chip cookies are a classic dessert no one can resist.

"The Jungle Book" —Donuts

cookie, cream, cake, chocolate
Samira Kanetkar

You love to have fun and socialize — a genuine people person. There is never a dull moment when you're around because you bring a positive light to everything. Besides your social skills, you're intelligent, too. You prefer innovative ideas over traditional ones. Donuts may always come in the same shape, but they come in a myriad of flavors.

"Tarzan" – Ice Cream

dairy product, chocolate, ice cream, ice, cream
Josi Miller

Some might call you shy, but you just keep to yourself and prefer to listen. Your outlook on life is to live in the moment, and you're the peacemaker among your friends because you prefer to avoid conflict. You're chill and fun, just like ice cream

"The Little Mermaid" — Cupcakes

caramel, butter, peanut, peanut butter, cupcake, buttercream, chocolate
Sharon Cho

As an energetic and passionate individual, you are always up for an adventure. Your curiosity and perseverance make it impossible for obstacles to stand in your way. You're not afraid to step out of your comfort zone to experience things, and you have spunk and perseverance to match. Cupcakes are miniature cakes that come in a variety of flavor and designs, so every flavor is like a new experience

"Sleeping Beauty" — Pecan Pie   

pecan, caramel, sauce, pie
Amanda Shulman

You look for the best in people and like to stop and smell the roses. You're shy when meeting new people, but warm up as you get to know them. As a caring individual, you are always there to lend a helping hand to others. You believe in turning the other cheek when someone has disrespected you because you like to focus on the positive side of life. You are as sweet as pecan pie topped with caramel.

"Princess and the Frog" —Lemon Bars

sweet, pastry, candy, cake, cookie, bread, chocolate
Isabella Martin

You are practical and strong willed. As an outspoken individual, some might take your honesty for hostility, but when you see a problem, you fix it. Nothing keeps you down either; you are resilient and persistent. Like you, lemon bars have a solid, stable structure, but are sweet and delightful on the inside.

"Beauty and the Beast" — Cheesecake

chocolate, cheesecake, cake
Mikaela Orenstein

You prefer to be at home watching Netflix or reading a book than out partying with friends. You don't waste your time worrying about finding a boyfriend or girlfriend because they end up finding you. People are drawn to your kind nature; you see people for who they are and love them as such. As an intelligent individual, you know what's best for you. Cheesecake is the belle of the ball. It's sweet and savory.

"Hercules" — Baklava

cream, strudel, sweet, baklava, cake, pie, pastry
Shelby McLennan

On the outside, you seem cynical and abrasive, but this assumption doesn't bother you. You're independent and witty, so the little things in life don't irritate you. Despite this, you care deeply for a select few friends and family and will go the distance (sorry lol) for them. Baklava has a flakey and fragile exterior, but inside is sweet with a little kick from the cinnamon. 

"Frozen" — Truffles

cupcake, sprinkles, chocolate, cake
Alex Frank

You are kind and look for the best in people. In some cases, you put others before yourself, so always remember to pay attention to your needs too. You have a positive outlook on life with a quirky personality and a bit headstrong. Just like these delicious truffles, you are excitable and quirky.