The Taza Chocolate company is setting new standards for chocolate. This organic, stone-ground chocolate comes in all sorts of flavors, shapes, and densities. The plain and simple Origin Bars are each made with cacao beans from different locations around the world, so Taza Chocolate buyers know exactly where their chocolate comes from, whether it be Haiti, Bolivia, Belize, or the Dominican Republic.

The Amaze Bars combine sweet, natural flavors with the rich dark chocolate, such as Cranberry Pumpkin Spice, Gingerbread Cookie, and Raspberry Crunch. The chocolate also comes in small Tazito Mini Bars and circular Mexicano Discs

After I tasted an 85% dark chocolate Mexiciano Disc, I developed a new standard for chocolate. Its flavor was rich, natural, and dramatically dark, which differed from the the sugary milk chocolates that I was used to. The organic chocolate was delicious yet naturally guilt-free. This chocolate made me never crave Hershey's again.

Stone Ground Chocolate

If you ever have the chance to take a tour of the Taza Chocolate factory in Somerville, MA, you'll be able to watch how the chocolate is made. During the chocolate-making process, cacao beans are roasted, ground, stirred, molded, and chilled. The beans are hand-ground against Mexican stone mills, or molinos. Taza Chocolate employees take the time to make their organic chocolate bars by hand so that every product is high quality

Direct Trade

Melissa Gallanter

Taza Chocolate prides itself on being a direct trade certified company, which means that the company purchases cocoa beans directly from farmers. Direct trade is considered to be even better than fair trade because it directly supports farmers and small businesses, whereas fair trade means that companies only buy products from corporations that treat their workers fairly.

100% Organic

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Cacao beans are found inside of cacao fruit, which are grown and harvested on organic cacao farms. Taza Chocolate purchases cacao from growers in Mexico, Belize, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic. These trusted cacao growers work on farms that are USDA-accredited organic. 

Looking to satisfy your chocolate cravings while energizing your body and supporting organic farmers? Taza Chocolate is your answer. Every purchase not only contributes to Taza Chocolate, but to the hard working farmers and growers as well. Whether you're buying it, eating it, or giving it to a friend, choosing Taza chocolate is a decision that you will be proud of.