I am still not over the low-calorie Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavors, but things are getting even better. Take these brand new Ben & Jerry's flavors that will literally change your summer, or at least inspire you to build a campfire. Here's everything you need to know about the new Ben & Jerry's flavors and where you can get them.

Glampfire Trail Mix   

The Ben & Jerry's Glampfire Trail Mix Ice Cream sounds like a freaking dream come true. You get all the goodies of hiking on a trail—not nature, but chocolate, pretzels, marshmallows, and fudge—with the extra delicious factor of Ben & Jerry's. This amazing combo gives this flavor its trendy name: "Glampfire." 

If you're uninformed of the glory of glamping, Instagram user @junkbanter describes it best: "Glamping is when your 'adventurous' friend suggests you go camping, but you're ass is wayyy too bougie to shit in a hole in the ground. If your entire campsite is from SkyMall and your sleeping bag has a Wi-Fi password, you are most likely glamping."

This chunky, stuffed treat is not available everywhere, though. Glampfire Trail Mix is a Target exclusive, so you gotta go there if you want to get your hands on it. 

Gimme S'More

In addition to Glampfire Trail Mix, Ben & Jerry's is hitting us with another classic summer flavor. Gimme S'more is your favorite campfire treat on steroids. It's got toasted marshmallow ice cream, chocolate cookie swirls, graham crackers, and fudge flakes. I know what you're thinking, Ben & Jerry's already has a S'mores flavor, but this flavor is very different. Unlike the OG, this baby is made with marshmallow ice cream (instead of chocolate) and has extra chocolate cookies. 

Ben & Jerry's resident flavor guru, Eric Fredette, said in a press release that "the toasted marshmallow ice cream base adds a new level and depth of flavor." I'm thinking that the toasty base will give this flavor some more fireside vibes, and I'm v into it. You can get this flavor at most grocery stores. 

If you're already counting down the days until finals end (42 days for me), you can taste summer a little early with these new flavors. I know I am truly dying for summer after stalking these babies, and I'm hoping that I can order one of them on April 10 for Free Cone Day