Over the past few months, you have probably limited your trips around the world due to social distancing guidelines. As a result, you've been forced to deal with the same flavors and foods from your local grocery stores and take-out restaurants. This Little Goat has made it easy to bring the bold flavors of the world straight to your kitchen. 

This Little Goat's Sauce Guide

Photo courtesy of This Little Goat

Stephanie Izard, James Beard award-winning chef, has made it her mission to provide people with the bold and authentic flavors inspired by regions around the world.  

This Little Goat's sauces are available in flavors native to Hong Kong, Southeast Asia, Korea, Tokyo and Yucatan. 

Here's a quick flavor breakdown for each of the sauces:  

This Little Goat Went to Hong Kong - Savory And Bold Everything Sauce - Boasts savory notes of soy, with a pop of ginger, garlic and spicy chilies. 

This Little Goat Went to Southeast Asia - Zesty And Savory Everything Sauce - Resembles the salty goodness of fish sauce with zesty lemon 

This Little Goat Went to Korea - Tangy And Spicy Everything Sauce - Combines spicy chilies and soybean paste with a hint of garlic and brown sugar

This Little Goat Went to Tokyo - Sweet And Salty Everything Sauce - Blends together sweet and salty flavors 

This Little Goat Went to Yucatan - Bright And Earthy Everything Sauce - Combines citrus flavors with savory garlic, onion & chilies.

This Little Goat's Spice Guide

Photo courtesy of This Little Goat

If you're more of a spice person, This Little Goat has spices available inspired by some of the world's most popular regions. 

This Little Goat Went to Belize - Hearty And Bright Spice Mix - Combines citrus flavors with savory garlic, onion, smoky paprika and chilies

This Little Goat Went to Morocco - Warm And Earthy Spice Mix - Blends hibiscus and coriander with a hint of citrus and heat

This Little Goat Went to India - Warm And Savory Spice Mix - Mingles chilies with the warmth of cumin, cinnamon and earthy cloves

This Little Goat Went to Cuba - Bright And Spicy Spice Mix - Blends spicy chilies, citrus and garlic

Where To Find This Little Goat

Looking to add some flavor to your next meal? This Little Goat is available online at thislittlegoat.com and on Amazon. Stay connected with the brand on Instagram and Facebook