If you’re like me, and love sparkling water, it’s always fun to try something new. There are countless options for sparkling water lovers, but one in particular that is deserving of more attention is Spindrift.

If you frequent Starbucks, you may have seen the cans on the shelves, but if not, Spindrift is a flavored sparkling water that has changed the game. It is different from other top competitors because it uses actual fruit to flavor the water, rather than an essence of fruit. With its real fruit flavor and low calorie servings, what is not to love about this sparkling water; and the packaging is super adorable! 

The current Spindrift flavors include:


Raspberry Lime (my personal favorite)


Orange Mango



Half Tea Half Lemon

Honestly, ever since trying this sparkling water, I have been hooked. It is the solution to that soda, bubbly craving that you may have that just can’t be curbed with still water. Each Spindrift flavor is sweet enough without any added sugars or artificial flavorings. The fruit comes from natural farms all around the world, ensuring that the best and freshest fruit is in each can.  

Charitable Contributions

Even better than the guilt-free indulgence is the fact that the company is dedicated to helping charitable organizations. According to the statement on their website, since the beginning of the company, they have given 1% of their sales to environmental organizations and have teamed up with more than 30 nonprofits to give back to the planet and help to foster a healthy and natural environment. 

So, take a spin with Spindrift! I hope that you will love this fruity, fizzy drink as much as I do!