Pineapple on pizza is something that causes some controversy among many pizza lovers. There are so many reasons why you should dive into the deep end and become a part of the pineapple on pizza club. Yes, it may sound different. However, don't judge a book by its cover, go for the risk!

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Sam Jesner

The whole pineapple on pizza started from a common pizza name called Hawaiian pizza. This has a combination of cheese, pineapple, and ham that makes for one of the best pizza dishes around. This causes a lot of debates among a variety of people, but the real question is why should you put pineapple on pizza? 

Ally Golden

Top 3 Reasons Why you Should Put Pineapple on Pizza

1. It is unique

Yes, little tiny chunks of fruit on your pizza may not sound very appetizing, but I can promise you the uniqueness takes over. Fruit on your pizza stands out compared to the common pepperoni or plain topping, which is very delicious, but let me just say...boring. It gets better, go for the pineapple and stand out among your table! Your world may be turned upside down, but of course in a good way!

2. It tastes delicious

GO FOR IT! Pineapple on pizza is amazing! Most people would not expect fruit to taste good on pizza right? It  really brings whole new flavor to the dish. The sweetness from the pineapple is just the right amount for being the perfect topping on your salty pizza. It just flows all together bringing wonderful taste to a beautiful pizza dish. Who doesn't like sweet and salty?

3. Pineapple is healthy

All those greasy toppings that make a “normal” or common pizza topping, can be tossed out the window. What makes pineapple on pizza a better topping, is not only the wonderful taste, but pineapple is a healthier pizza topping. Pineapple has vitamin C, so of course this makes the toppings on pizza a lot healthier. When you take a bit into your amazing pizza, now you do not have to feel bad, you are eating pizza with healthy fruit on it. No more feeling guilty about eating extra slices!

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Jocelyn Hsu

Everyone has their own opinions and some people may disagree with this side of pineapple on pizza, and say no to pineapple on pizza. Whatever their reasons are, the answer to pineapple on pizza should always be yes. Do not think that much into it, but the number one thing is do not be scared. Once you try it, you will be surprised and wished you had tried it way earlier. For me, personally, I was always so apprehensive when it came to trying fruit on pizza. I was out to dinner with my family and finally ordered a Hawaiian pizza, and it was honestly the best pizza dish I ever had. I was sad that I did not order it sooner, looking at all the other times I could have, but ordering it for the first time was the best! There is no going back, pineapple on pizza is the best topping out there!