Taco Bell: The epitome of addicting fast food. And between its AM Crunchwrap and Grilled Breakfast Burrito, Taco Bell is quickly making itself a morning staple. I thought I had seen it all when it came to Taco Bell's cheesy-and-greasy breakfast combinations, but I was wrong. Recently, Taco Bell released its "Breakfast Salsa," and I have questions (and so does the Internet). 

According to the company's press release, Taco Bell developed this salsa specifically for morning munchies. It "packs just enough heat to complement the breakfast flavors you love, without being overwhelmingly hot," the company said. 

Basically, there's no difference between the Breakfast Salsa and Taco Bell's other salsas, besides the fact that it's a milder version. Ideally, it sounds like a smart idea. I'm not always in the mood to scorch my mouth with spicy salsa in the mornings. However, this product seems a little unnecessary. Fans of spicier sauces may face a tough time with the idea of a milder salsa with their AM Crunchwraps. 

Safe to say, I have some doubts this product will change the breakfast game. 

I'm not the only one with doubts, either. Seventeen wrote about theirs, too, saying, "we didn't know we needed a separate salsa to eat with these morning staples." Neither did I, Seventeen. Neither did I.

Food & Wine asked readers, "How many times have you sat down to enjoy an omelet in the morning, only to pop open a jar of salsa and think to yourself, 'This is really more of a lunchtime condiment'?"

They continued, "If the answer is anything more than 'never,' then Breakfast Salsa is the specifically formulated sauce you've been waiting for."

According to a statement from Taco Bell, obtained by Fox News, the "new condiment is sure to be a crowd-pleaser with the early risers." So for now, I guess the only way to truly determine the value of Breakfast Salsa is to slather it on an AM Crunchwrap or a Grilled Breakfast Burrito. I seriously hope it's a game-changer, but for real, it's still just salsa.

Beyond Breakfast Salsa, Taco Bell continues to impress (and confuse) eaters. I mean, we can't forget about their also recent take on chicken nuggets with the Naked Chicken Chips. I wonder what food Taco Bell will try to revolutionize next.