Have you ever woken up with a serious craving for Taco Bell but have never been able to justify eating a Gordita for breakfast? Well now you don’t have to because Taco Bell has taken that leap into fast food breakfast land and it’s full of eggs and tortillas. (Also their breakfast menu is served ALL DAY, so if you wake up at 4pm and have a real hankering for breakfast  they’ve got you covered, unlike McD’s who stops serving its breakfast way too early for most of us college kids.)


photo by Madison Lucas

To make a decision on what you might like, rate your hunger on a scale from 1 to HANGRY!

Hunger Level 1

If you’re trying to watch your physique, but realllllly need some Taco Bell, try the AM grilled Taco. A small flour tortilla stuffed with egg & cheese (add bacon or sausage) and grilled to melty perfection. Not too bad on the calories and yet all the Mexican morning goodness you want.

Hunger Level 2

Looking for a classic? Try the Breakfast Burrito. It comes with scrambled eggs & cheese and your choice of bacon or sausage (both of which can be made “Fresco Style” whatever the heck that means). Very easy to eat in the car, as it’s wrapped tightly into a flour tortilla.

Hunger Level 3

If you’re feeling adventurous this morning/afternoon/middle of the night try the infamous Waffle Taco. A fluffy waffle filled with egg & cheese (add bacon or sausage). And if you really want to get wild, pour on the side of syrup that comes with this treat.

Hunger Level 4

Now this one sort of depends. The Cinnabon Delights are warm donut holes filled with cream cheese icing and rolled in cinnamon-sugar. Sounds amazing right? Well you can get these delicious little nuggets in a 2, 4 or 12 pack. So if you’re nearing hangry and want something sweet rather than savory get the 12-pack, but if you just want to taste them get the 2 or 4-pack.


The AM Crunchwrap is built like their classic Crunchwrap Supreme. They start with a hash brown a top a large tortilla, then layer on egg & cheese and add bacon, sausage or steak. Then they fold the tortilla around all that stuff and seal it with some flat iron heat. It’s big and filling so it will definitely cure that hanger.

*They also serve hash browns, coffee and  orange juice.


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