I don't know about you, but I grew up with a cup of milk in my hand nearly every day. As I grew older, I started to outgrow milk and decided to look at other alternatives. Similar to most people, oat milk and almond milk are my go-to choices because they are low-calorie and flavorful. However, I'm always looking for new grocery store finds and Tache's pistachio milk is my latest obsession. 

Is Pistachio Milk Good For You?

Photo by Heather Moore

Before I came across Tache, I've never heard of pistachio milk. For those who don't know, pistachio milk is a dairy alternative made from pistachios. Compared to oat and almond milk,  pistachio milk has less carbs, sugars and calories. 

The original blend contains only 7g sugar, 9g carb and 80 calories per serving. 

Tache's unsweetened blend contains less than 1g sugar, 3g carb and only 50 calories per serving.

The brands pistachio milk is keto-friendly (unsweetened), kosher certified, non-GMO, gluten-free and contains no added oils.  

Why Pistachio Milk?

Photo by Heather Moore

In addition to it's nutritional benefits, Tache's pistachio milk is a great addition to coffee, cereal, tea, oatmeal, smoothies and more. Whether you're tired of almond milk or just want to spruce up your morning routine, Tache's pistachio milk is to the rescue. 

Where To Find Tache

Photo by Heather Moore

Looking to get your hands on everyone's latest favorite dairy alternative? Tache can be found in coffee shops throughout New York and in 40 locations including Chillhouse, Zabar's, Devocion, Matchabar, Maman, Lazy Sundaes (formerly Boba Guys) and Butler’s.

Not near a coffee shop? Have Tache shipped straight to your doorstep buy purchasing through the brands website