If there is one breakfast item that gives me nostalgia it's definitely Froot Loops. Don't get me wrong, fruity cereals are delicious, but most of them are loaded with sugar and carbohydrates. As I've grown older, I can't cope with that sugar rush as well as I did in elementary school. However, that doesn't mean I still can't enjoy fruity cereal. Catalina Crunch's new flavor is perfect for those cereal lovers who have been craving some fruity goodness in the morning. 

Catalina Crunch Fruity Keto-Friendly Cereal

Catalina Crunch's newest keto-friendly cereal is a colorful, fruity flavor perfect for all ages. This red, blue and yellow cereal contains 11g plant protein, 9g Fiber, 0g Sugar and only 5g Net Carbs per serving. Not only does it taste good, but will keep you feeling satisfied for longer periods of time so you have more time to do what you love. 

If you've never had keto-friendly cereal before, you might be worried that it tastes like cardboard. That is not true with Catalina Crunch. I have had cereals that taste like cardboard, but Catalina Crunch honestly tastes like regular cereal. It's more dense than your average cereal, but that's part of it's charm. 

Where To Find Catalina Crunch

Catalina Crunch is known for their delicious, keto-friendly products including cereals, sandwich cookies and smoothies. The new fruity flavor is available on their website now and is expected to roll out in stores later this year. 

The brand has other flavors of cereal including Dark Chocolate, Cinnamon Toast, Maple Waffle, Honey Graham, Chocolate Banana and Mint Chocolate Chip. 

Let me just say, if you like Cinnamon Toast Crunch, you have to try Catalina Crunch's Cinnamon Toast flavor.