Nothing screams summer more than relaxing by the pool and having an old-fashioned BBQ. Hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken skewers, potato salad, corn on the cob are some of my favorites to name a few. While I'm not vegetarian, my roommate is and I know how difficult it can be to find options that don't only suit her dietary restrictions, but also taste good. Sweet Earth has launched their new Awesome Bacon Burger and well it's just that. Keep on reading to find out more about their vegan meal options from burgers to sausages that will make your next BBQ one for the books.

Sweet Earth's Awesome Bacon Burger

Photo courtesy of Sweet Earth Foods

I love bacon, turkey bacon, basically any kind of bacon. When I found out about Sweet Earth's Awesome Bacon Burger, I knew I had to try it. This burger is made from textured pea protein, natural hickory smoke flavor, fruit, and vegetable concentrate for color. The Awesome Bacon Burger contains 26g of protein per serving and is non-GMO. 

I've had Sweet Earth products before so I had a feeling they were going to be delicious, but this was by far my favorite. As a burger fan, I was pleasantly surprised to see how moist and flavorful the patty was. It's definitely not a regular hamburger, but you still get that experience, which is really the important part. I'm not a fan of lettuce and tomatoes on my burgers, but with a slice of cheddar cheese it was very tasty. 

We had the chance to talk with YouTube content creator Jenné Claiborne and she is obsessed with Sweet Earth

"Sweet Earth Foods products are so flavorful and easy to use, packed with all the necessary nutrients to keep a healthy diet including protein and fiber. Many of their products are non-GMO, gluten-free and full of craveable flavors. The Mindful Chik’n is my favorite vegan substitute for chicken and it is absolutely divine for all kinds of recipes, like the Green Chile Chik’n Enchiladas I made in my recent video. They just launched the new Sweet Earth Awesome Bacon Burger and Sausages, which are so versatile and perfect for summer grilling, great for those who are actively trying to eat more plant-based."

Chik'n Apple Sausage 

Photo courtesy of Sweet Earth Foods

I'm not a fan of sausage in any capacity, so I had a feeling this wasn't going to be my favorite. Personally, I was not a fan, however I didn't stop there. I had my family try this Chik'n Apple Sausage from Sweet Earth and they couldn't get enough. They specifically enjoyed the little bits of apple throughout and the thickness. That's what I think is so great about Sweet Earth is that the products are healthy plant-based alternatives, but don't lack the familiar quality and taste people know and love. 

Green Chile Chedd'r

Photo courtesy of Sweet Earth Foods

Sweet Earth's Green Chile Chedd'r Sausage incorporates vegan chedd’r, habanero peppers, yellow peppers and cilantro to create this plant-based alternative. I didn't try this one because I'm not a fan of spices, but if you're looking for a kick, this is for you. 

Where To Find Sweet Earth Products

Looking to try Sweet Earth's grilling items at your next BBQ? Check out their product locator to find where they are sold near you.