The Suicide Squad movie hit the box-office this past summer 2016, but did you know that there were comic books before the idea of a movie even came into existence? In my opinion, all good movies come from previously written books, and Suicide Squad is no exception. Each character has a unique personality including what they do, what they wear, and what food embodies them.

What is the Suicide Squad?

The Suicide Squad is a group mainly composed of previously incarcerated super villains who were brought together by a government worker, Amanda Waller. She created the group to fight evil and bring them to custody with the added bonus that if they fail, the government isn't to blame... the villains are. 

Harley Quinn: Deep-Fried Cheeseburger With Donut Buns

Harley Quinn is undeniably one of the nuttiest and funkiest characters in comic book history.  Of course she would have to have a favorite dish that is just as batty as her (pun intended). Harley once said “I had a cheeseburger once that was sandwiched between two donuts and then deep-fried in batter. I swear I saw God when I bit into that.” As a woman who doesn't seem to be too religious, that must have been a really good burger.

Deadshot: Homemade Waffles

The world's best shooter-for-hire needs to have a dish fit for a king. Deadshot never misses a shot, but he also has a big soft spot for his daughter, Zoe. His love for his daughter outweighs his deadly accurate ability to kill, so a handmade waffle breakfast is the perfect choice—hard and crunchy on the outside while soft and buttery on the inside. 

Captain Boomerang: Meat Pie and Lots of Beer

Captain Boomerang, and the actor who portrays him, Jai Courtney, are both Australian men. The actor perfectly summed up the right food to be eating when he said "I'm playing an Aussie, so I've just been eating meat pie and drinking beer" to prepare for the role. 

El Diablo: Milk

While El Diablo is capable of pyrokinesis and has a history of using it for evil, he is trying to control his power and, ideally, not use it at all. What better to quench a hot flame with than cold milk?

Katana: Lingzhi mushroom

While she is the only non-villain super-person in the Suicide Squad, she still has to eat. After a rough life, Katana fights for good using her katana sword, named "Soultaker", that houses the soul of her late husband and two children. The wielder of Soultaker is known to have immortality. In Japanese culture, the Lingzhi mushroom has been attributed to promoting longevity and health. Just in case the sword is lost, this fungi might also be able to help. 

Killer Croc: Human Carpaccio 

Killer Croc is a humanoid that has reptile-like skin due to a form of atavism. While he kicks butt at snipping, he has additional highly advanced physical combat skills. He is also known for killing and eating humans. Thinly sliced, raw meat carpaccio made from human flesh sounds like the perfect treat for this guy.

Rick Flag: Protein-Packed Breakfast Sandwich

A special forces operative hired to keep the criminals of the Suicide Squad in check. He took over after his father, Rick Flag Sr., passed away. He is an all-american focused on victory who needs to start off the day with a hearty meal, such as an egg and chicken sausage breakfast sandwich

Slipknot: Candy Rope

Even though Slipknot died in the movie before seeing any real action, he is still a very real member of the Suicide Squad. As his name implies, he is skilled in tying rope knots. Obviously, the perfect food for him would be colorful candy ropes.


Enchantress: Witchy Brew of Tea

According to the movie, Enchantress was supposed to be on the Suicide Squad but the ancient witch inhabiting June Moone's mind and body decided she wanted to be the villain. In the comics she was actually one of the full-fledged and most powerful members of the squad. Since she is technically thousands of years old, a good ol' witch brew of tea would keep her up and running. 

Super Bonus:

The Joker: Pudding

While the Joker isn't exactly a main character in the movie, he is a favorite by far. He is Harley Quinn's lover and the reason she went insane and became Harley Quinn. Dr. Harleen Quinzel was the Joker's psychiatrist before she fell in love with him and turned into a crazy clown. Harley has a number of nicknames for him but the most used, and iconic, name would be "Puddin'". So, there is no way that Joker's go-to representative food wouldn't be pudding.

The Vexing Take-Away

Whether you are a die-hard comic nerd or just love the cool movie adaptation, we can all agree that these Suicide Squad characters are pretty kick-ass. The foods that embody them fit each character's persona perfectly. So all you have to do to channel Katana one day and El Diablo the next is eat these foods and summon your inner hero.