You know that  broke college student stereotype? Yeah, that's a sure reality. Somehow, between books, Amazon Prime, and going out, even the most financially responsible can be wanting for cash. But although the struggle is real, there's an easy solution chilling in your wallet: your student ID.

Tons of chain restaurants are clamoring for your business and have killer deals for students, but this doesn't mean that their discounts are widely known—in fact, many aren't advertised at all. Read on for a list of the best ways to save some cash on your food, all by whipping out your student ID at the register. 

1. Chick-fil-A

pizza, beer
Shaq Junaid

Nothing can fill the void in my heart like a box of Chick-fil-A nuggets. Plus, at many locations, students get a free drink with their meal. Get on that. 

2. Chipotle

Chipotle, burrito bowl, Chipotle Burrito Bowl
Jocelyn Hsu

Getting guac at Chipotle is non-negotiable, but it adds an extra dollar or two. However, if you show your student ID, your drink is free, so the cost evens out a little bit. Math is incredible.

3. Burger King

hamburger bun, hamburger, tomato, mayonnaise, ketchup, cheddar, lettuce, cheese, sandwich, bread, bun
Alex Frank

BK is looking out for you; students get 10 percent off their order at many locations. Have it your way (and cheaper than usual). 

4. Dairy Queen

When ice cream cravings hit, reach for your ID and score 10 percent all DQ treats. Suddenly I'm in the mood for a DQ Blizzard.

5. Dunkin' Donuts

candy, sweet, cream, doughnut, chocolate
Elena Bailoni

If you run on Dunkin', you should at least be getting a discount. In fact, you can get 10 percent off with your student ID. 

6. Papa John's Pizza

Connor Howe

Papa John's is upping the ante from your run-of-the-mill student discounts. They're offering 10-20 percent off a pizza or a side—consider the game changed. 

7. Subway

six inch, subway, sandwhich, sub, foot long, hands
Sam Jesner

Turn that $5 footlong into a $4 footlong. Yes, 10 percent off is yours with a valid ID. 

8. Pizza Hut

I dream of Pizza Hut's personal pan deep dish pizzas. And now I can get one (or five) for 10-20 percent less. What a time to be alive!

9. McDonald's

sweet, ketchup, french fries
Alex Frank

As if Mickey D's wasn't cheap enough, you can get a solid 10 percent off discount. Hey, every penny counts. 

Getting a free drink or a 10 percent discount may not sound like much up front, but over time these deals can save you a serious chunk of change. It's always worth asking about a student discount. After all, the worst thing they can say is no.