Going out during Halloween weekend is great and all, but what's even better is Stranger Things came back to Netflix for season 2 on October 27th.  If you've missed the gang as much as I have, this takes clear priority.  Only fitting that the premiere would fall in line with the spookiest holiday of the year, here are some appropriate snacks to get your binge watching on with. 

1. Christmas Lights Cake

This homage to the infamous Christmas lights communication wall is especially perfect for those less baking-inclined.  The recipe is simple and easy to follow, and when it comes time to write out the alphabet, the more jagged and slanted it looks, the more accurate and spooky it is.  

2. Eggo Waffle Ice Cream Sandwich 

peanut butter, ice, sandwich, butter, waffle
Jenna Thomas

Eleven brought on an Eggo revolution with her life sustaining dietary staple.  Whether eating them straight from the box out in the woods or from the comfort of your home, one thing is clear: ice cream makes even the best things better.  After all, Eleven did consume an industrial pint of chocolate ice cream right after escaping Hawkins National Laboratory, proving it's a pretty solid comfort food.  For the dairy averse—no need to be scared! Ben and Jerry's has slowly but surely been expanding their vegan and dairy-free line to include even more of their famed monster concoctions.

3.  Chocolate Dirt Pudding 

Oh chocolate pudding.  Nothing was more satisfying than Dustin's face when he exposed the lunch lady's deceitful stashing of all the school pudding, and proceeding to take the biggest and most important snack break of the season thereafter.  While chocolate pudding on its own is sufficient, by crushing some Oreos and throwing in some gummy worms and digging in, you can enter the Upside Down forrest, just like Nancy, submerged in goop via the base of a tree. 

4. Upside Down Cake 

cake, sweet, pineapple
Aimee Moses

As a salute to everyone's favorite parallel universe, the upside down cake is aptly named.  Also similar to its namesake, it's the colder, darker, and slightly uglier version of a regular cake.  Don't let appearances fool you though—it tastes great and has fruit on it, so it must be healthy.  Honestly the pineapple rings give off a huge Demogorgon vibe, so you can also get some pleasure in ripping in to it.  

5. "French Onion Barb"

Honestly pour one out for Barb.  She's really not coming back, and it's only fitting to her character that Netflix created a rather sad and random recipe in her honor.  If you're on the coach for the long haul, this a perfect full fledged meal to keep you satisfied until it's time for all the aforementioned dessert, and Barbs memory can at least live on in your stomach. 

Half the fun of watching television is the snacks by your side, so celebrate this halloweekend right with the most terrifyingly good ones! And if you're not committed to spending the entire weekend watching tv and crave classic halloween social shenanigans, swap out the ice cream in the Eggo sandwich with Tipsy Scoop's halloween themed alcoholic ice cream to pregame—it'll be the best of both worlds.