For anyone that loves fruity candy, a pack of Starburst is the perfect treat to satisfy a craving. Over the years, the brand has rolled out a variety of flavors, from blueberry to green apple. However, the original four that usually come to mind are: cherry, lemon, strawberry, and orange. The OG line-up.

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Caroline Ingalls

Every lover of Starbursts has been through the process of digging around for a favorite flavor or swapping colors with a friend. I mean, there's nothing more satisfying than unwrapping your desired flavor and popping it into your mouth. Although each flavor has its fans, the pink Starburst seems to have the most dedicated following.

Why We're Pumped

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Caroline Ingalls

Strawberry Starbursts have proved to be a fan favorite for a long time. Not a single Halloween went by where I wasn't hyped to get a pack during trick-or-treating, only to be disappointed to discover that the pink flavor wasn't there. 

Due to popular demand, and the consistent social media buzz the pink Starburst have received, Wrigley has decided to roll out a new product. The company revealed that they will be coming out with Starburst packs consisting only of pink Starbursts.

Gone are the days of poking around a bag looking for a strawberry treat only to find that there aren't any left. Needless to say, people are getting hype for the pink-only packets. At least, I am. 

Where and When to Find Them

Unfortunately, the product isn't coming out until April, reports Mashable. However, that timing makes it the perfect opportunity to receive an Easter basket filled with delicious pink squares.

The strawberry Starbursts will come in two sizes, the single sticks as well as a larger bag. You can find these treats at Walmart, Target, Kroger, and Amazon. This variety of Starburst are limited edition, but hopefully they'll be around long enough for pink Starburst lovers everywhere to stock up.