Starbucks has really been stepping up its flavor game in the past few months, from adding loads of new drinks to expanding their non-beverage options with more snacks and breakfast items. But one of of the most fun parts of these product expansions is often overlooked—the regionally specific taste trials. Sometimes, Starbucks will debut a new item at a handful of stores in the same area, usually partnering with a local business to test out customer interest. And in Los Angelos, this process just began for Dream Pops.

So, what's a Dream Pop?

The basic idea of this product is vegan ice cream pops. The company, based in LA, was founded on the idea of rewriting culinary history—taking the indulgent appeal of ice cream and harnessing it into staple of a joyful, healthy lifestyle. They created a "flavor-packed plant-based alternative powered by real food and real ingredients," to help customers nurture their sweet tooth in a non-detrimental-to-their-health way.

Partnered with a Michelin-star chef, Dream Pops creators designed their pops with an ergonomic touch and the best natural ingredients they could think of. Each pop is less than 100 calories, and every single flavor is vegan. The coconut milk base allows for the same creamy texture as ice cream, and special 3D molds create the interesting, geometric shape. 

But tell me about the flavors!

Each pop is flavored and colored naturally, using ingredients like raspberry, matcha, and mango to reach their beautiful pastel hues. The current flavor offerings include Berry Dreams (with strawberry, raspberry, and passionfruit), Coconut Latte (with coconut, vanilla, and coffee), Mango Rosemary (with mango, rosemary, and passionfruit), and Vanilla Matcha (with vanilla bean and ceremonial matcha), though the brand promises to keep expanding into new flavor territory. 

Where can I get one?

For now, only Californian Starbucks frequenters can try out these stylish treats. Five Southern California stores are stocking the pops through October 5th, and are only selling them between 2 and 5 p.m. (aka prime snacking time). For now, Dream Pops can be found at the La Brea and 4th, Melrose and Stanley, Third Street Promenade, Wilshire and Santa Monica, and San Vicente and Barrington Starbucks locations.

But if you're not in California this summer, you can start ordering this vegan delicacy online on National Ice Cream Day (July 15). Dream Pops ships nationwide in trays of 10, and promises the packs at your door in two days. 

So basically, all of you in Cali need to start eating these pops on the daily so that Starbucks expands the partnership and brings some to me here in St. Louis. I'll try to wait patiently.