Last week, Starbucks dropped four new holiday cups and brought back six holiday drinks, officially kicking off the holiday season. Now, to help you build out your Christmas wish list, the highly anticipated Starbucks holiday merchandise is ready and in stores. The line-up features sparkly, iridescent, rose gold and ombre tumblers, a floral collection by, and a new Ember travel mug. 

Unfortunately, Starbucks closed its online store last fall to focus more on the personal in-store experience, so the holiday merch is only available at your local Starbucks location. But, once you're inside and you've ordered your Gingerbread Latte, here's a peek at some of the best things you'll find. 

Iridescent Cold Cup (24 oz) - $18.95


Buy it For: The friend who is just a little bit extra. You know the one—the one that nabs an iced Peppermint Mocha in the dead of winter while sporting a fur coat (faux of course!) and a subtle spray tan. (OK, maybe that's me. Friends, please take a hint.) 

Flow Glitter Cold Cup (24 oz) - $18.95


But It For: The friend who practices hot yoga and is all about the "good vibes only". They're always in a good mood and need a cup to match. 

Green Glitter Ombre Stainless Steel Tumbler (12 oz) - $17.95


Buy it For: The friend who plans their schedule by the hour. Even at their busiest, they make time to grab a coffee to go, even if they can't sip it right away. 

Double Wall Ceramic Sparkle Blend Tumbler (12 oz) - $19.95


Buy it For: The friend who is all about their aesthetic. The neutral white and rose gold colors will surely match their desk set up, and it looks amaze no matter which Insta filter is applied. 

Black Sequins Cold Cup (24 oz) - $18.95


Buy it For: Your sweet and fun midwestern friend. This is the one who makes everyone matching monogram shirts for a girls trip and is well on her way to getting engaged to her dream man (if she isn't already). 

Floral + Starbucks (prices vary)


Buy it For: Your friend who prefers staying in to bake cupcakes over going out for drinks on a Friday night. When the snow hits, her homemade hot chocolate beats every and any club line. 

Note: To get your hands on the collab, you can't just go to any Starbucks location. You'll need to head to a Starbucks Licensed Store location like those inside grocery stores, airports, hotels, malls, and other retailers.  

Ember White Travel Mug (12 oz) - $149.95


Buy it For: The friend whose schedule is so crayyy they always have to take their coffee on the go. And when they do, they sometimes don't have time to drink it before it gets cold. So behold, an Ember mug. Ember is a temperature control mug that can reheat your coffee or just keep it warm with the touch of a button on your phone. 

Holiday Gift Cards


Buy it For: The friend who has everything. Literally, she already has four of these cups.