Sure, I admit, it's a bit early to start making a holiday shopping list. But, I'll make it easy for you. Starbucks recently dropped its lineup of holiday merchandise, and I don't think you'll need to look any further for your gifts. Starbucks never fails to impress, and here are just a few of the highlights from this year's holiday collection. 

#SpoonTip: All holiday merchandise is available in Starbucks stores only, but products may vary by location

Liberty Fabrics + S'well, $41.95

Photo courtesy of Starbucks

This exclusive collection of S'well water bottles at Starbucks is perfect for the fashionista in your life. The prints on the bottles are unique and fun. But, besides the cute and exclusive designs, S'well bottles never disappoint. 

I have become a S'well collector (I've actually started to match them with my outfits). S'wells keep your iced coffee actually cold for 24 hours (and I mean the ice cubes stay frozen), and your hot coffee hot for 24 hours (it's still steaming five hours later). They're perfect for ski trips and beach trips, so it doesn't matter where the gift-receiver is going this holiday season. 

They won't be coming to shelves until Nov. 21, but keep your eye out for them. They are well worth the price.

Wink Mug, $12.95 

Photo courtesy of Starbucks

Coffee fanatics are always looking for a new mug to enjoy their coffee out of. Because after all, if they're not going to change up their coffee order, something needs to be spontaneous in their life. Enter this fun and flirty mug.

This mug can be filled with Hershey Kisses or Starbucks' K-cups to make it a little cuter than it already it is. This mug certainly won't be your biggest splurge this holiday season, though.

All of the Starbucks holiday mugs and tumblers will debut on Nov. 9. 

Heart of Gold Mug, $12.95 

Photo courtesy of Starbucks

Get this cup for a coffee lover, or maybe even your lover (jk lol, maybe). The sentimental feels are definitely present in this "Heart of Gold" mug. Show your ooey-gooey, lovey-dovey side this holiday season. 

The gold in this cup can pair perfectly with some gold jewelry or house decor for a gift bundle, but just the mug alone is enough, really. 

Speak Your Kind Mug, $12.95

Photos courtesy of Starbucks

The holiday season is all about giving, gratitude, and reflection. This "Speak Your Kind" mug is for that friend that likes to be thought provoked. It's a thoughtful play off of "speak your mind," and I'm really into it. This is definitely the kind of gift I want this holiday season (pun-intended).

Love Is Tumbler, $19.95 

Photo courtesy of Starbucks

If the love in your life is constantly on the go, then a mug might not be the most realistic gift. Opt for the "Love Is" tumbler instead of the "Heart of Gold" mug. It is double walled and keeps your beverage hot while commuting to class or work. 

Tumblers are for more than just coffee-lovers. Anyone that's very active and busy will put just about any drink in their tumbler to avoid spillage. 

Flourish Reusable Cup, $2

Photos courtesy of Starbucks

For your friend who has a green thumb, grab them a reusable, winter-themed cup. These babies are pretty cheap, so pair them with a Starbucks gift card and your receiver can choose their drink of choice. Even pick yourself up one; maybe your New Year's resolution can be to be more environmentally friendly. 

Holiday-Themed Gift Cards, $5 to $500

Photos courtesy of Starbucks

Starbucks released an assortment of new holiday-themed gift cards for the 2017 season and they will definitely spread holiday cheer. Gift cards are always appreciated, and are great for those who are hard to buy for. The designs of the new gift cards are sweet and are a great gift on their own, or when paired with other Starbz merch. 

Starbucks has you covered for your eco-friendly friend, your girlfriend/boyfriend, your active friend, your "hard to buy for" friend and obviously, your coffee loving friend. Gift buying shouldn't be so brutal this holiday season thanks to good old Starbucks. And if nothing you saw above peaks your interest, don't worry, there's more to come.